Month: September 2013


Sold! My House in Pictures.

I had a house in Virginia.  It was staged to sell and sold in a week. I loved that house and miss it.  But ultimately it was a product that had to be marketed. Buyers make up their minds whether they like a house or hate it in the first 6 seconds of walking through the door; but so do friends, neighbors, and yes, even you.  First impressions are powerful.  So are hazy constant impressions that sort of infiltrate your subconscious.  Weeds.  Clutter.  Piles.  Dirt.  Smell.  Cracks.  Haphazard “stuff” shoved here and there.  Pictures hung crooked.  Scale and placement of furniture all wrong.  It all works together to make you feel “bad”.  Whether it is the product you are trying to sell or the home you are trying to create—details count. Here are my pictures of my product that was once my home.  

Please Stand-by. *sigh*

I can write text all day for you to read.  But. I. Can. Not. Upload. Pictures. WordPress and I are at odds with each other.  I have a lovely post just waiting for you—just without pictures. It’s like a cake without frosting.  A movie without popcorn.  A bed without a pillow.  Peanut Butter and Jelly without the bread.  My life without coffee.  Oh wait I gave that up for 3 weeks.  And. There. Are. Still. Seventeen. Days. Left. Thatslike480hours. So anyway.  Please stand-by.  

Modern Family

Did you watch the Emmy’s Sunday night?  Modern Family on ABC pretty much swept their categories. Love their houses.  Here are a few highlights. Production designer Richard Berg gives a tour of the sets for the Emmy-winning comedy about the extended Los Angeles family.  Photography by Danny Feld/ABC.  Courtesy of Architectural Digest      

Random Feng-Shui(ish) Monday

  Two Things. Did you know if you open your windows and clap your hands you empty the negative energy from your house? Trust me.  What do you have to lose except negative energy?  Plus it is MONDAY… We did it.     AND did you know that getting rid of 21 things frees up the energy in your house? I did it.  Just don’t tell my boys.       The energy in the play room is PHENOMENAL.  21 things gone. Monday’s challenge.  Open your windows, clap your hands, and get rid of 21 things. Positive Energy is waiting.  

It’s Fall. Now What?

I can’t believe it is Fall (almost).  Autumn.  Harvest.  I know “out with the old, in with the new” is what we say when one year ends and a new one begins…but what about with seasons?  Can we still say that?  I mean summer is all green and fresh and hot and mossy and in your face–and then fall comes and it all sort of withers and waits.  For Spring and new renewals, right?  So out with old and prepare for new.  That would mean that Fall and Winter are Prep Time.  So now what?  What are we prepping?  (I’m going to end every sentence in this paragraph with a question mark, except for this one.)  How about what we want to change.  Ok, no question, this is a proclamation, a statement, a call to action. So with that said–now what?  My little corner of the internet hones in on happiness at home.  That’s where I’ll start.  That’s where I’ll continue.  Keep reading.  We’ve got prepping to do! Happy brand new season everyone. Jen


Camping.  The word brings to mind a myriad of thoughts and memories. There was the time I camped on Assateague Island.  Their official bird is the Mosquito.  For real.  That’s a good story.  My husband is rolling his eyes as he reads this.  The bottomline is we camped in a swamp in the summer.  There wasn’t enough Deet to make that a pleasant experience. Then there was the time I camped in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia.  In the rain.  Spiders are large there.  They call them tarantulas. I “camped” in Europe.  Under a white plastic bench on the bow of a ship headed to Greece while Ivan Drago (remember him from Rocky) and all of his commrads danced and sang around us.  For real.  I also “camped” in Zurich, Switzerland, outside a 30 foot statue of Michael Jackson, and then there was the parking lot in Athens.  All lovely experiences. I camped in Virginia where the weatherman said it would be unseasonably cold that night.  Whatever. Unseasonably cold in October should NOT mean snow …

Picture Dump

I’m determined to get this pesky project done that has been living on my to do lists for years.  Sort pictures.  Just typing that puts me to sleep.  I don’t want to do it.  BUT what is even more irritating is looking at the boxes of pictures, the envelopes of pictures, the piles of pictures that need to be sorted.  I abhor clutter and piles.  I keep trying to “organize” how the boxes, envelopes and piles “look”.  Maybe a bigger storage bin with label maker tape?  Or matching photo boxes with labels “For Album” will make this better.  My second son was born in 2007 and somewhere through that pregnancy all ordering of photos ceased.  My oldest son has many photo albums to see how he has grown etc… until 2007.  My youngest son….nothing.  I’m doing this for them and for the sake of my to do list.  And for gosh sake if you have any printed pictures of me and our family do not send them!  At least not yet. I have consulted many …


Anyone seen the You Tube video “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That?”  If you haven’t you should.  It’s funny.  Make sure it is the original report, not the remix.   So essentially it is an interview about a lady who had to climb out of a burning building and tells the interviewer…”Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  LOVE it. Well that is how I feel about projects.  Everything is a project.  I’ve got so many real time things happening that projects turn everything upside down.  If I’m doing a project then I’m not cleaning, cooking, driving, washing, drying, sorting, home working, taxiing, paying, searching, organizing, calling, finagling…and then those things start to pile up.  The life of a busy person. My approach to projects is how many corners can I cut?  This kind of makes my husband cringe a little.  He is not a corner cutter.  He is thorough.  He is deliberate. He follows procedures.  I don’t.  I try.  It’s hard. I have two projects I am tackling.  One is painting a dresser and the …

Where is Your Feng Shui Commanding Position?

Eclectic Bedroom by Atlanta Photographers Erica George Dines Photography   Have you ever walked into a room and just felt plain old yucky when you entered it?  You probably blamed it on the fact that it was too dark, bright, smelly, uncomfortable, stark, cluttered, hot, cold or just weird.  Well, all those things contribute to whether a space has good energy or not.  We want good energy.  Too many things are just draining the heck out of our energy so for crying out loud our own house should NOT. Feng Shui is basically how energy flows in your space.  It is an ancient art and science that is thousands of years old.  The idea behind it for our purposes is we want optimal health and good fortune in the spaces we occupy–and applying Feng Shui practices can make this happen. So today we are going to talk about where our beds and where our desks should be positioned–for the best energy or optimal Feng Shui. The Feng Shui commanding position in any room is the spot …

Translator Decorator or John Mayer is My Muse

  Flipping the pages of People I was struck by a picture of John Mayer.  Not in the way you think.  I liked his outfit.  It was the coolest.  For a minute I thought “Can I wear that?”  I came up a blank as to where I would wear it–unless it is in the midst of Montana, during a Renaissance Festival, while herding cattle, just before I did a rain dance. I’m not making fun.  I REALLY like the look, so much that I decided to translate it into my 8 year old’s room.  So here’s the rub.  I’m not spending a bunch of money to make this happen.  I’m also not spending a lot of time to make this happen.  In a different time and place I would LOVE to really do this up.  Velvets, denim, leather, the Byzantine Crosses, a little Americana, a little Western funk.  Ralph Lauren is only wishing he came up with this idea first.  So, perhaps, not to let Ralph beat me to the punch I will work on …