Month: October 2013

Spoooooky House in Boiling Springs, PA

Happy Spoooooky Halloween Everyone!  Isn’t this exciting?! My parents were visiting us a few weeks ago and we took them to the City of Boiling Springs.  It’s a cute little town on a seven-acre lake that is fed from 30 natural springs.  The water bubbles like it is “boiling” thus the name.  It has an amazing history but that is not what this post is about.  It is about this house. On the east shore, remaining from the pre-revolutionary iron forge complex, are the original forge and the iron master’s mansion with the remnants of its terraced gardens. This 1795 Georgian structure is the most outstanding example of architecture in the Boiling Springs Historic District and of major historical significance as the home of the Ege family. The mansion is presently in a deteriorating condition and is uninhabited. (from Wikipedia) Or is it? I did a little exploring.  It was becoming stormy and dark.  I creeped up to the front door and then…  Here with my own eyes is what I saw.  Sort of.  Ok, …

Halloween Night

  I think we are ready for Halloween.  I’m not sure about candy quantity though.  I heard we get so many trick or treaters that the sidewalks are packed and EVERYONE is out.  I also heard that people drive to our neighborhood to trick or treat.  How much candy does this mean I need??  And Holy Cow when did bags of candy get so expensive?  I remember not so long ago when it was $4.50 for the really big bags…now I’m seeing $10+…eek.  Speaking of candy, I’m showing the most amazing amount of restraint.  I. have. had. no. candy…yet.  I’m in the midst of this most boringest BORING no gluten, no dairy, no sugar of any kind BORING doctor ordered elimination diet.  I’m on like Week 5 of Week 5,346.  At least I have my coffee back.  I’ll be trick or treating with a mug. Did you know that half of all kids prefer chocolate candy for Halloween? Did you know that I love dark chocolate and I. will. not. be. eating. any. of. it? …


The Addams Family vs The Munsters: Where Would You Live?

  You know I am hard pressed to figure out which house I could live in comfortably. On one hand… …the Addams family is quite wealthy.  They have amenities, like Lurch, the butler.  They have a large house–space to spread out.  Morticia had a nice green house.   On the other hand, the Munsters seem to be a bit more “normal” than the Addams family, so less to worry about in the middle of the night?  And Marilyn, she seemed nice…we could be friends.  Although, there was Grandpa.  He was a vampire–that kind of freaks me out. But back to their house…it seemed a bit cozier.  No bed of nails.  Just a dragon, that lived under the stairs…   Then again, on the OTHER hand…the Addams family seemed quite cultured.  Lurch was always playing the organ.  Morticia spoke french.  I believe they liked Broadway and Hollywood…they had a show created after them and a movie. I don’t know.  What do you think? Here are the outside of their houses:     Master bedrooms:     Living …


  Sometimes you must say “when”. I’ve purged, sorted, purged, labelled, organized, and purged again my kid’s “stuff”.  Birthday parties, goody bags, the school lunchtime “store”, gum ball machines, arcade prizes, and the occasional grandparent have all undermined my attempts. It is imperative that my children have these treasures–rubber skelton, 1 inch skateboard, stuffed snake, zombie ninja playing the flute.  Fine.  I will not label, purge, sort, cajole, sort, move or rearrange.  I will buy baskets and dump. I give up. Have you fought a good fight?  If and ONLY IF you have tried to purge it and organize it and have epically failed then, and only then, can you retreat, withdrawal, surrender.  You are not a coward.  You have picked your battle wisely my friend.  I give you my blessing. Like things together be damned.    

Puppy Pee Pads and Socks

  Cue Hallelujah choir. I have a diabetic geriatric cat.  A few years ago she started this lovely habit of walking into her litter box, backing up and peeing…over the side of the box.  So NOT going to discuss all the ways I tried to “overcome” this.  (Although an amusing story of me pushing her back while she was peeing does come to mind.)  I have to lay down a garbage bag to protect the floor and then lay an absorbent terry cloth towel over this.  EVERY DAY I have to pick up the towel, go outside to shake it out, spray everything down, lay a new towel down and wash the smelly one.  FOR TWO YEARS.  People, don’t judge me.  I know what great lengths y’all have gone through for your pets. Next.  My feet.  (I figured I would combine cat urine and my feet all in one post.)  One day I had to borrow a pair of my friend’s socks.  I grabbed a pair that just happened to be custom knitted for her …

I Heart Magazines

I am a leading authority on anything that appears in Time, Better Homes and Gardens, Oprah, Afar Travel Magazine, an occasional People and a host of other decorating ones.  I don’t read the whole article-just the first few lines of each paragraph or so-that makes me the expert.  Frequently I will proclaim something to my husband and he will reply  “How do you know?”  I don’t like to tell him.  It might undermine my “creds”.  I hope he doesn’t read this. Anyway, I am a magazine junkie.  I have stashes.     My family frequently gets mad at me during the holidays because I let myself relax and I shove a magazine in front of my face–even if it is during a card game, family conversation, sometimes a meal…I’m not proud.  I love my magazines.  I always put off looking at them til I have time.  Alas, sometimes that time doesn’t arrive until, say family game night on Thanksgiving:) Enough about me.  It was riveting, wasn’t it? The point is about YOU. You want some …

Thankful Thursdays

Dear You, I’ve got a chuckle about my site stats from yesterday.  Are you guys trying to tell me something?  First, let me say that Thankful Thursday is about, you, my gentle reader.  Thanks guys for coming over every day.  There are a lot of you now and I’m so appreciative and grateful.  So thank you for making me a part of your day. Back to the site stats–we are well into the 3 figures and counting now for readers, except for yesterday. Yesterday it was 6.  6 people read the post.  I promise to never write about cars again, ok?! Hey, thanks for being you.  I’ll keep trying to be me. Love, Jen  

Vintage Cars. They are the Chrome Tiara for your Driveway.

  My husband thinks I am crazy.  When we lived in Virginia a neighbor had a orange 1950’s Chevy permanently parked in their driveway. I thought it was the ultimate accessory and proclaimed we needed one too.  Apparently, cars that don’t “work” which  just sit outside a house aren’t everybody’s idea of a “must have”. I put it to all of you—how much better do these houses look WITH their Chrome Tiara’s?       I know a good idea when I see one.  I don’t want to toot my own horn but I was onto tortoiseshell glasses long before Elaine made them popular.  And that whole “all things French” trend?  I was rocking the French flag in my childhood room circa 1980’s—LONG before Ballard Designs latched on.  Chartreuse and Navy?  That green and blue combination that is everywhere?  Yup.  I was asking if they had that in Chartreuse when they didn’t even know what Chartreuse was.  I know, I’m such a trendsetter, my husband just doesn’t know it.   This is THE END.


Hi!  How are you?  I’ve got so many decisions to make that I can’t make up my mind.  I want to write a post about The Love Boat.  I want to write about Vintage 1950’s cars.  I want to compare and contrast The Addams Family and The Munsters.  Then I have this STACK of magazines with all sorts of ideas I’m percolating on.  I’m trying to track down a picture from high school with my pal Debbie Urquhart involving a baby pool and mud which will inspire me to discuss how to outfit your own bathroom into a spa.  I’ve got a few irons in the stove?  Bricks in the oven?  I’ve got some leads on Feng Shui using Rover (or Fluffy).  And finally, The Top 5 Things Every Room Needs to Not Look Terrible.  Where to begin?  Which to choose?

Crazy Town

Those who know me know that me and Crazy Town are “tight”.  In fact, my narrations of such encounters have prompted some to proclaim that I should write these self-described events down.  I might possibly be a tad melodramatic, but alas, these things do happen. I actually was pulled over for picking up a pacifier.  And, yes, embarrassingly enough, my drawstring did break on my pants while walking across an intersection, at dusk, with headlights on, with people I knew in the cars.  And I did think I was being “punked” at Home Depot with an elderly lady, a dog, a lidless quart of paint, and a cocktail napkin (you can read about that one here).  While I’m on a roll there is also a good story about how I took the train to Chicago to help a friend drive a stick shift back.  I don’t know how to drive a stick shift.  Oh geez, and then there is the time the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed while me and my future husband were driving on it …