Month: October 2013

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Wordless Wednesday.  Wordless because I had no internet.  Which brings me to today–Thankful Thursday. I’m thankful that my internet is back.  Thanks Comcast for showing up 30 minutes after I called and spending 90 minutes at my house! Did you know being thankful is the cornerstone of happiness? So grab a pad of post it notes and scribble willy nilly some things you are thankful for–then stick them all over the crazy place. Thankful Thursday Everyone!

Stymied. Or John Mayer is a Terrible Muse.

A few weeks ago I wrote about redecorating a room based upon this picture as my inspiration. I am not finished. Some of it has gone swimmingly, meaning, swell. Some, not so much. I had two criteria.  Nothing could cost a lot of money.  And–I did not want to spend a lot of time on this project. I can find items that will completely accomplish what I want.  I found the perfect twin duvet cover that had an American Indian meets Ralph Lauren in the exact colors I wanted for $850.  REALLY?????  And as I type “REALLY” I am slamming my fingers on the keyboard. And you try finding leather or denim accents for a bedroom that don’t look–that don’t look, well, REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD.  Again, slamming fingers on keyboard. My ideas exist.  And they look mighty fine.  They just cost a mint.  It’s the inexpensive options, so far, that look really, really bad. So I keep going to TJ Maxx, outlets, Goodwill, random store, Target, Marshalls, more random stores, Etsy, Ebay, Overstock…wait…this better …

Door to Door

It’s that time of year again for door to door tricksters looking for treats. Nothing says Halloween like cobwebs, burned out lights, and dirty neglected spaces.  And nothing says hot mess like cobwebs, burned out lights and dirty neglected spaces if Halloween is long over. You’re covered if you fall into the above category for a few more weeks. After Halloween it’s time to do all that decking of the halls and entertaining–so grab a broom, a light bulb, and a can of paint. Here’s a little inspiration. RED     ORANGE   YELLOW   GREEN   BLUE   PURPLE   DOOR BLING Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Rachel Greathouse  New York Media & Bloggers Sterling Publishing Spaces by Hightstown Kitchen & Bath Designers Cranbury Design Center LLC San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Nina sobiNina Design Eclectic Spaces by Vancouver Architects & Designers Kyla Bidgood Interior Design            

Hey Pottery Barn Check Me Out!

  I am laughing. For umpteen moves we have moved with a pair of snow shoes. My husband purchased these bad boys whilst in Iceland during a deployment in the 80’s.  They’ve been with us ever since.  Maybe you read my post about our household goods weighing as much as a UK bus—if you don’t know how much that is—it’s 20,000 pounds.  Now you know why.  We move with snow shoes.  And we live in places where snow is notsomuch.  I’m not going to lie–if it had been up to me I would have donated these years ago.  Which brings me to today.  Laughing. Look.  It’s a Pottery Barn catalog.  Who knew?  Snow Shoes are Everywhere!   I decided to get in on it.       Yeah, I’m trending.

Thank You

I am married to someone who is actively serving in our country’s military. I am a military spouse.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have taken that lightly over the years.  I have, well, umm, even…complained about military life.  But for better or for worse, this is what we do–as a family.  I have over the course of 20 years actively, inactively, directly, and indirectly been a part of the community that is the U.S. Military.  As the years have accumulated so have the stakes.  His responsibility has increased.  Our family increased.  His deployments increased.  Tears have increased. Sometimes I would get mad and throw my fist at the sky.  “Do you have any idea what you are asking of our family!?” I would want to yell to whomever.  I wanted both empathy and appreciation from some high ranking person of extreme authority.  In other words, I took it personally. Then one day I stopped. I stopped taking it personally.  I stopped taking the fact that I was a military spouse lightly.  I …

Wordless Wednesday: The Great Pumpkin-What’s on Your Porch?

  Columbus Photographers Julie Ranee Photography Framingham Photographers Mary Prince Traditional Kids by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman Poughkeepsie Architects & Designers Daniel Contelmo Architects

Mess = Creativity

There was the day I discovered my son could climb out of his crib and quietly shred a roll of toilet paper.  Then there was the day I found the same son, different day, sitting outside the open refrigerator.  He was playing “play doh” with raw hamburger meat.  Or, the time I found him building sand castles…in our bedroom…using the cat litter from the dirty litter box while the other one looked on and clapped with glee.  Let’s fast forward to today.  It hasn’t changed.  My boys are older and the messes are less e. coli laden but alas the messes are still there. I’ll tell you when I can keep the house clean and orderly–when they are plugged in. It’s a fight between good and evil—between my OCD for a tidy house and my common sense that my kids need to be able to channel their creativity even if it means complete disarray.  I overheard on the Today show that 3 of the best things you can do for your kids is have them …

Living Vicariously In Other People’s Kitchens

I’m currently 2 weeks into a 3 week elimination diet.  I’m eliminating dairy, gluten, caffeine, refined sugar, red meat, pork, a handful of vegetables and fruits, shellfish, alcohol, soy and fun…to name a few.  I really really hate doing this.  Really.  I’m doing it for medical reasons–not for a “fun”.  I don’t like spending more than 5 minutes cooking.  So all the websites, blogs, and cookbooks full of “amazing” foods you can still eat do not apply to me for I am too impatient.  I am eating, but only things that take 5 minutes–maybe 10 to make.  I’m lucky my husband cooks.  However, HE is not on this diet.  It’s really not that bad except for the coffee part.  And the chocolate part.  What is bad is going out to social functions or going, umm, out of the house, or anywhere I have to eat etc…  You don’t realize how much socializing revolves around food until you find yourself sitting at a table sipping water while everyone around you is eating and drinking merrily.  Whatever. …

Plants Make it Pretty

Wilton Photographers Michael Biondo Photography Eclectic Garage And Shed by Hershey Photographers Amy Renea Did you read yesterday’s post?  Ok, we’ll wait while you click here.   Be it ever so lovely there’s no place like home.  What’s one thing you can do to your house to make it feel “homey”?  Add plants.  Greenery. Flowers.  They give instant home appeal.  This goes for staging your house for sale, as well.  Plants make a room more inviting and more inviting gets buyers. Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Did you know that house plants can improve the quality of air in your house?  The air quality in your own home is usually much worse than the outdoor one.  Synthetic chemical cleaning products, foam in our furniture and carpet, and other building materials in our houses all emit toxins.  Then there is mold, tobacco smoke, poorly ventilated cooking sources…  I’m sort of freaking myself out.  Open some windows everyone. I’m perusing around the web and a lot of folks concur these are some of the …

Game Show Decorating–What Do These Have in Common?

  You could win ABRANDNEWCAR! if you can you name what these pictures have in common? Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Amber Ranzau Chicago Photographers Cynthia Lynn Photography Traditional Kitchen by South Hamilton Interior Designers & Decorators SLC Interiors Portland Photographers Whitney Lyons Halifax Interior Designers & Decorators Fine Interiors Farmhouse Living Room by Peachtree City Architects & Designers Historical Concepts Traditional Bedroom by Peachtree City Architects & Designers Historical Concepts  La Jolla Architects & Designers Carole Laventhol Design+Fine Art Providence Interior Designers & Decorators Kate Jackson Design New York Architects & Designers Incorporated Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Frisson Dallas Media and Bloggers Jamie Laubhan-Oliver Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Taylor Jacobson Interior Design Berkeley Interior Designers & Decorators Kristina Wolf Design San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Michael Goodsmith Design Shelburne Media and Bloggers Tamar Schechner Winchester Landscape Architects & Designers Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC Greenery!  Plants!  Did you win a brand new car?  Bring the outside in.  More tomorrow on why this will make you happier…