Month: November 2013

New York I Love You

  I went to New York City last week on a school field trip.  For real.  The “kids” were 40 something senior military officers and their spouses.  Yes, there were academic type things to do during the day but afterwards, well, let’s just say we rocked it.  Much of the coolest of the cool parts of my trip had a NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED caveat…like my tour of NBC Studios (awesome), or seeing Once, or The Glass Menagerie on Broadway.  Double edged sword because I could relax and not worry about capturing every moment on “film” but sad because now I don’t have every moment captured, except in my memory.  Here are some of the prettier moments that were allowed… Lord and Taylor Windows.   Macy’s was the first building in the world to have the modern day escalator (1902) and here it is.  It’s all wood.  That’s my husband’s leg and I don’t know why it looks like he has just one.   That (above) is This (below).              

Thankful Thursday #4 out of 8. Aka Thanksgiving.

Hi!  Hey Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m glad we are together right now! It’s good to be thankful for now.  And that’s all there is to it. Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.  Tennessee Williams      

Paper Source

How about a sheet of wrapping paper that costs about $3.95, is poster size (20″ x 28″) and fits into a standard store bought frame (meaning no custom framing)?????? I bought my frame (above picture) at a thrift store with a hideous picture inside of it.  I replaced the picture with a piece of wrapping paper called Plumes.   I paid $6.00 total for my mantle art. Here are some sheets of paper that are categorized as “wrapping paper” from Paper Source–all of which are about $3.95.  Most are made by Cavallini Paper (found at Paper Source and at Keep scrolling down.  Mind the gaps.  We had a few spacing issues.   Cavallini & Co La Maison           All these and more can be found at for about $4.  These papers are also at museum gift shops and other little shops.  Inexpensive and awesome.

Thankful Thursday #3 of 8: Shop Local–Small Business Saturday

  A new study finds that money you spend at chain stores quickly leaves the community, while money you spend at local businesses helps make the neighborhood better. Independent stores recirculate 55.2% of revenues compared to 13.6% for big retailers. (via  If you want stats. When you shop at the small businesses in your neighborhood, you help support the things that make your community great! Nov 30 is Small Business Saturday, so get out and Shop Small. Dan Buettner, the author of Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zone Way, set out to find the happiest places on earth, and he thinks he’s discovered four contenders on four different continents. What makes residents in these places so glad to be living the lives they do? Here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with their material wealth, intelligence, or attractiveness.  Instead, Buettner found that members of these communities, which span the globe from Denmark to Mexico, give priority to social networks and health and well-being above all—and they make choices that reflect those values. So if you’re …

Almost Wordless Wedness: Locker Love

  My heart sings as I sort through these pictures.  Lockers rock. If I can’t purge it then I like to hide it.  Lockers are lovely.  Call around to junk shops/antique stores to see if they have any.  I have found them for $100 and less.  I also have found ugly metal cabinets and spray painted them.  Check out the scrap booking aisle of your local craft store and they almost always have metal plates engraved with numbers that look just like….locker numbers.  A little crazy glue and you are all set. Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is an old metal gym locker…          

The War on Clutter

Oh. My.  We moved into this house 3  1/2 months ago.  I did so much purging and clutter delegation when we arrived.  Our house is big.  I am organized.  I pick up and clean all the time.  Why, oh why, Clutter have you taken over?  Ok maybe not taken over but you are trying to stage a coup.  I know your tricks.  I have company coming.  I am busy.  Clutter leave me alone!  You leave me no choice.  I am sorry. I’m not going to over think it.  I’m just going to dump it. So after 10 minutes this is what I came up with.  I felt it was pathetic. So I did another round.  Which turned into 5 hours later…   Ok, it isn’t as impressive as it looks.  And yet it is…  Much of this is packing paper that I held onto for when I decided to do this….   …sort, sell, goodwill and purge my staging props.  What you aren’t seeing are the boxes of things I am giving away to family…which …

Thankful Thursday #2 of 8

I remember when I was really young… I had to walk to school miles uphill both ways barefoot…in the snow.  I used a heavy mustard yellow phone that plugged into the wall, I rolled our car windows up with a crank, and if I wanted to communicate with someone in writing–there was only one way—the mail, and I don’t mean e-mail. That’s shocking, I know. Thankful Thursday this week is using the good old United States Postal Service. I wrote a post on Veterans Day, 11-11, if you forgot:) and promised addresses for our Troops.  The best thing they get when far away from home are letters and cards.  I know this for a fact.  I believe the word I’ve heard is “cherish”. But first did you know that by showing gratitude, according to Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude (check him out at that all sorts of amazing things happen? A study was done of more than one thousand people, from ages eight to 80, and found that people who practice …

Almost Wordless Wednesday

  I’m hosting a dinner and you are all invited.  I love a good seemingly endless beautifully set outdoor table.                   Love.