Month: February 2014

Matchbook Love. Or…Turning Matchbooks into Art.

I don’t know if it’s tooting one’s own horn or validation that motivates this post.  Regardless.  While flipping through the pages of AFAR, a travel magazine that I love, there it was…matchbooks are trending.  And what did I just make a month ago?  Matchbook Art! See?! Want to do know how to make it yourself? I bought two 18 x 24ish inch matted frames from Michaels.  They were buy one get one free.  $20 total. I bought 4 pieces of turquoise 12X12(?) scrapbook paper from Michaels.  Spent about $1.50 max. I had a matchbook collection from way back filling a large gallon ziplock bag.  I went to a vintage/junk store and found another bag of matchbooks from the 50’s and 60’s for $12…which is what inspired this whole project. I sorted through matchbooks for hours at the dining room table–each of the old ones had something funny or unusual about them.  So many of mine had hilarious and fun memories associated with the places.  I edited and laid them out based upon their merits–pretty, unique, …

My House. Part 1

I live in an awesome house. We were very settled in Virginia when we found out we were moving to Pennsylvania.  Now we are very settled in Pennsylvania (it’s been a whole 6 months) and we are moving to DC in June.  This house is going up for sale in a few weeks.  Want to see inside?         This is my favorite piece of art.  It’s by Janice Miles from Saugatuck, Michigan. The companion.  Love the deep midnight blue sky.   It’s a blizzard here.  Winter Storm Maximus.  Love the names they come up with.  Whole family home so I’m off to walk in the snow.  More pictures tomorrow… Jen My House Part 2 My House Part 3