Month: May 2014

Downsizing Part 5. Because Why Not Have a Part 5?

Dear Diary, Today I have to fit all the stuff that is meaningful to me within these tape lines.   What ever fits between the blue lines will fit into the 5×8 trailer we are renting.  This bad boy will be pulled by us because we will not see our big shipment once it leaves for 4-6 weeks–or never.  I really did just laugh out loud.  So anything we NEED during that time we must bring with us–like a coffee maker, an air mattress, a pillow, a spoon, a pan, food.  Anything we like more than a little and can’t be replaced like photo albums, the kid’s baby boxes, the ceramic flower that looks like a zucchini made by my 6 six year old, my grandma’s china, family heirlooms and the like…all must come with us.  And anything the movers won’t take like the propane tank, liquids, perishable food, paint, anything flammable etc…must come too.  All of it has to fit in the Uhaul.  Or in the back of my car.  Toys?  Things to keep the …

Downsizing Part 4

Dear Diary, Friday I found out our packers are coming while we are on our nonrefundable vacation 961 miles away. Awesome. I was then told that there are no other move dates until July.  Which of course is too late because another family is moving into our house. Then I found out that our shipment of household goods will arrive before our “new” house will be ready (we are off by a mere week) so it must go into short term storage.  (Read Downsizing Part 3). And then I found out because we are relocating during the most heavily moved month—that we should expect a 4 to 6 week wait time to receive our shipment from short term storage. Yes! Since this is a diary entry pretend that next is a dramatic entry about life and love.  I’m too tired to concoct one.            


Downsizing Part 3

  This is the third part of the series Downsizing or why my impending displacement feels like a game of whack a mole. Moving is like a game.  The object is to get your stuff into your next house before your spouse starts their new job (so that you are not unpacking alone), before the kids start school in the fall, and before your household goods get lost, stolen, blown up, rained on, driven over, crushed, broken, cracked and/or mutilated. The rules of the game require packers to come into your house and in a cyclone of frenzied activity pack everything in sight including your car keys, shoes, and garbage.   Need a toilet brush?  Well it’s probably packed with your children’s toothbrushes (which you forgot to extract beforehand), inside the waste paper basket, underneath all of your shoes, in a box labelled “guest bedroom.” This will take 3 days. Then the movers show up. At this point you are so exhausted and drained that you are mere putty in their hands.  The movers proceed …