Month: July 2014

Reflections on a Stormtrooper

  Here I am, reflecting. I made it far my friend.  A year ago I was living in Virginia.  And now I’m living in Virginia.  Wow. (For those of you just tuning in I moved from the southeastern edge of Virginia to Central Pennsylvania last August and then Northern Virginia a few weeks ago.) We meet military families who travel the world far and wide. We just travel the Mid-Atlantic. Frommers and Fodors are fighting over me to help write their next guide book on the Mid-Atlantic. I’m booked solid writing this blog. Anywho.  Back to the Stormtrooper. Have you ever really sat down and thought about Stormtroopers?  Anyone who exhibits EXTREME perseverence, fortitude, and tenacity is considered a “Trooper”.  And “Storm” is a violent disturbance in one’s atmosphere.  Put it together and it says one tough mudder. How this relates to me and this post is the following.  This Stormtrooper was the only thing wrapped well from our move except for the throw pillows, post it notes, paper clips, and my socks.  Oh–And. The. …

Move-In Blues

  Move-In Blues. I’ve got the move-in blues. My kitchen trash don’t fit. My table is too big. I can’t find my shoes.  I’ve got the move-in blues. I got lost getting gas.  Our lawn table is cracked. There are too many books. I hate fast food. I can’t find my shoes. I’ve got the move-in blues. Our hose reel is missing, so are 6 pictures, a chair, and 2 boxes. There’s footprints on my table and trying to find anything is hazy. I unpacked a box that said dishes and in it were toys. I can’t find my shoes. I’ve got the move-in blues. I threw out my back.  This whole thing is whacked. Third house in one year. Where should I put this, why is this sticky, what are barbells doing with the booze? I can’t find my shoes. I’ve got the move-in blues.