Month: November 2014


Hallmark Christmas Movies and Disney World.

Once upon a time, before I discovered coffee, my husband, my sister-in-law, and my father-in-law would watch endless made for TV Christmas movies during the holidays while I intermittently napped and made fun of them.  Upon my discovery of coffee several years later I was forced to watch the movies with them as caffeine made napping impossible. Here’s the thing, you know how when you enter Disney World and you first get trampled by the hoards of people at opening and then you get run down by a stroller only to get crowd pushed against your will to Fantasyland  to realize that even though it is 9:05 in the morning the line for the Pooh Pots is already 50 minutes long and everywhere you look is crazy ass commercialism for a mouse? And for a moment everything feels kind of phony?  Well that is what those stupidly simple made-for-TV Christmas movies felt like to me. But then something changed. Do you remember Disney’s Wishes at the end of the day? Jiminy Cricket says: I’ll bet a lot …


Thank You 2014

  525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes – how do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes – how do you measure a year in the life? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of love.  ~Rent   Today is Veteran’s Day.  As a wife of an active duty service member my thoughts automatically shift to all those who are serving their country far from home, away from family and friends.  As a mother, I think of all our children who have moms and dads risking their lives and who have to accept that mom and dad won’t be home, again, for_____fill in the blank.  Time crawls for those who are missing someone.  I know firsthand.  And yet, how is it when the clock is counting down for the next departure–time speeds up and moments move at lightening speed? It’s true when they say you don’t know what you have until it is gone, isn’t it?  After all …


#Tweed This

  I thought I would start this week off with a bang and talk about Tweed.  I can just feel all the Facebook Shares as I typed that.  Pretty sure this post is going to go viral.  Tweed. I know, I’ll stop. I’m getting a little too crazy for a Monday. I should have done this one on a Friday, but that’s how I roll. Crazy.  Tweed. I’d like to insert here that my children hid a Whoopee Cushion on the couch and I just sat on it. Too bad they weren’t here to bask in their success. Back to Tweed.   Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Amanda Carol Interiors Toronto Photographers Aristea Rizakos   Winnetka Interior Designers & Decorators Bardes Interiors       Raleigh Photographers Adrianna Beech Tim Clarke Design Living Room by Calabasas Interior Designers & Decorators Jill Wolff Interior Design Toronto Photographers Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer New York Interior Designers & Decorators James McAdam Design New York Interior Designers & Decorators Cezign Industrial Bedroom by Santa Monica Furniture & Accessories …


Holiday Confusion

    We experienced Halloween a mere week ago…  This is my son.  He got a rock. (Did you see It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?)   Now it’s November.   Which means Thanksgiving.     But……the red cups are already out at Starbucks. And that means December and the Holidays. And the Rockefeller Christmas Tree arrived yesterday.     But there are still cobwebs in my backyard…   I’m conflicted. Wish me luck.

Jennifer Farlin

National Gallery of Art. Color Inspirations.

Yes.  I love The National Gallery of Art. I, also, love posing like the art.  Hard to tell which is Degas’ Little Dancer and which is me, isn’t it???  It’s a joyous thing to go mid-week with friends.  It was quiet, uncrowded, and none of the guards were asking me to remove my children from the sculptures. I get so excited and inspired about all the colors—and then I start building rooms in my head….         (Love this new blog I found Mix and Chic Interiors!  Check it out.)   OUTTAKES: