Month: February 2015

family room rug

Saturday Love #Unthwarted

Well Hello Gentle Reader, I bought some pants. Pants. Pants. Glorious Pants. They were marked down so much at TJ Maxx that they were practically free. I did not try them on. I guessed at the size and when I put them on at home they actually fit. Happy, happy pants dance. I would use exclamation points but remember I gave them up.  People over-punctuate. I got my hair cut and it did not suck. I do not look like a 6th grade boy, a muppet, or someone before an ambush make-over. I have a head cold that is allowing me to function today. I cannot smell but I still enjoyed my Colombian coffee regardless.  Side note: As I type this I just yelled at my kids “Hey NO talk like that!” as one told the other that they were, and I paraphrase, “…an unfortunate choice for a brother”.  Apparently drinking Colombian coffee gives me an accent. I bought a rug that does not exactly match my room and semi-clashes with my couch, however it works …


Chalk Paint Hell

  I know in theory part of what I write about is design–but only because I really think it is a total downer to be surrounded with a bunch of ugly.  Also, it comes fairly easy for me to fix ugliness with minimum effort and expense. This being said I do not love DIY projects. I do them to save money. I am impatient. I am way too impatient for Do It Yourself. I want it done yesterday. If we were in a job interview I would call this “results oriented”. This blog is so not one of those step by step how to sites.  Mostly because I am, 1. See previous paragraph. 2. Not detailed enough (in job interview speak “I focus on big picture”), and 3.  I would die of boredom writing it. However, I am in the midst of painting a piece of furniture.  I wanted to title this post (excuse me) #Suck It Chalk Paint but I felt it would be too indelicate for a title. Fourish paragraphs in I felt it was ok. …

Jennifer Farlin


Dear Gentle Frost Bitten Snow Covered Reader, I just realized I started this blog two years ago this month. Let’s look back, shall we? My FIRST post.  Eek. Three Simple Decorating Tips to Get You Unstuck Drop Cloth Chic.  Another post coming like this one… Making Art Out of the Everyday, Or…Ode to A Green Purse 5 Minute Spring Decorating Chandelier Love. What Door Do You Use and One Door’s Journey, A Follow-Up The McTray Tartan Love  How To Style A Bookshelf For Normal People Mason Jar Chic Tweaky Tweakerton  Camping Sold! My House in Pictures. 11-11 Hey Pottery Barn… The Addams Family Vs. The Munsters Surrender Spooooky House  Thankful Thursdays Almost Wordless Wednesday Locker Love Paper Source New York I Love You How To Make Temporary Housing Feel Like Home My House. Carlisle. Matchbook Love What’s In…What’s Out. Green! Chairs To You  Downsizing Part 1 Life You Want Weekend  Murder Mystery at My House Color Inspirations  I’m Sorry You Aren’t a Military Family–So Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It I Am A …


The Epic Journey

  I reluctantly went to a movie yesterday about an epic journey.  As I had hours in the theater I wondered if these epic quests ever start subtly and why in real life they had to be so ambiguous, confusing, and/or uncomfortable. I am the heroine in my own story.  At least that is the plan.  A yellow brick road, a fairy godmother, a movie musical score cueing specific key points…all would be ever so helpful on said journey. Taller and richer would be nice too, oh and athletic ability, and to sing like Streisand, and… totally not my life.  I have to work with what I’ve got and figure out where to go and be and see and do it all while not tall. Do it while battling the forces of comfortable and safe and scary and unknown. Do it while raising human beings who will one day need to be able to navigate their own quest.  Or perhaps they are on it already? Maybe I’m the wise oldish woman guiding them and that is my quest? I …


President’s Day

  Dear Gentle Reader, I’m sitting at my laptop with my winter coat on, and yes the heat is working.  It’s cold. I’m listening to show tunes because baby that is how I roll. I’m also giving up exclamation points. They are overused. I’m slamming coffee and thinking of all the ways to celebrate President’s Day. I’m possibly being sarcastic, yet am I? I did just go to the National Archives with my husband on Friday and viewed the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. And the other day we went to Ford’s Theater and sat yards away from where President Lincoln was shot while we watched a play about the hours and days after his assassination.  Meanwhile Hillary Clinton sat a few rows behind us.  Maybe she will be our next President? I’m thinking I can check President’s Day off my list, but not before this: Hearts to You, Jen        


Positive Peeps

Good Morning! All these lovely people are joining me today.  I needed a positive peep boost.  If you are feeling it you can come and join us. It’s going to be a great day. Jen

Snapshot Challenge: My House.

My house is clean and the sun was out.  I took one picture which led to another and then another.  Back in the day I would go into people’s houses and do photo shoots. This felt like that.  My favorite part is editing what I captured…or looking at what I thought I saw and really seeing it on “film”.  (Then redoing it.) That’s the best way to really edit/style your rooms.  Take a picture and you will see what others see when they walk in the door.   Kindness and joy to you, Jen!