Month: April 2015


When It’s For Sale Wednesday…Or 10 Home Staging Tips

  Pretend it’s Wednesday. I know it’s Thursday. I’ve got real estate on my brain. We currently rent and are looking to buy. My husband loves Zillow. He loves going to Sunday open houses. He loves driving around looking at neighborhoods. I do not. It stresses me out. Even as I type this my palms are getting sweaty. For starters buying a house is a big flipping deal. I know because I’ve bought 3 of them. It’s not just buying shelter–it’s aspiring to a different life. It’s what rises up to greet you in the morning and what surrounds you as you sleep. It’s where your kids make their childhood memories. It’s where life–good and bad–is lived. And houses are expensive. So I become crazy when I walk through them and they are up for sale with as much care as a toaster in a garage sale. Houses should not would not NEVER be sold casually…unless you have money and time to waste. People put more time in cleaning out their cars when they sell them …



  We are a military family. Last June I moved to DC.  The previous June I moved to Pennsylvania. This June I’m not moving. It feels weird. I hate moving but it proves as a great distraction. I can purge. I can hope. I can say good riddance. I can use it as an excuse. I can put things off until I get “there”. So I’m here. I’ve got my kids acclimated. I’ve unpacked. I only get lost 50% of the time. Our moving claim was processed…umm yesterday, for real. Now what? It’s been almost 11 months. Maybe “now what?” could have happened earlier. But there were the holidays. And the snow. And all the flu epidemics. And the fleas. There were house guests. And mini trips. And stuff. All the things I said I could put off until I got here and it’s here, and it’s been here. Here is so right now. Here is so much more fun when it is tomorrow. Tomorrow is full of promise and here is full of all the …

Paper must look PURPOSEFUL!  Contain it or Hide it! Found at Lucketts in Leesburg, VA.


  Every Tuesday my kid’s elementary school sends the equivalent of one phone book’s worth of paper home with my kids. Times two. No, seriously. Actually they are the collection agency for “Lots of Paper Without Homes”, then they divide the paper by the students and send those papers home.  Really. Ok, all joking aside, the school is actually a recycling plant for paper and they recycle millions of pounds a week using secret people and the kid’s backpacks. 25 sheets = 1 quire 500 sheets = 1 ream 1,000 sheets = 1 bundle 5,000 sheets = 1 bale We should just familiar ourselves with these measurements so we can communicate more efficiently with one another.  “I had about one bale in little Johnny’s backpack today.”  “Oh, you did? We have been only getting 3 bundles lately.” “REALLY?! I heard that that other school is only sending home 2 quires!” “NO!” “YES!” “Stop it!” “I know, right?!” My kids are in on it too.  They take a piece of paper and scribble a line on it …

This Old House

curb appeal

It’s spring.  The time of year where the snow has melted and all the garbage underneath is now exposed. It’s time to get to work. Curb appeal is important not just for selling a house but for all the people who walk their dog.  For the love of everything that is good and holy please take a second look at the outside of your home. Do it for all those people who go past your house daily being pulled by a dog.  Do it for your neighborhood. Do it to keep up with the Jones. Do it to disguise the fact that your house is a mess inside. And, for Pete’s Sake, do it especially if your house is up for sale. Research has shown that about 80 percent of all prospective buyers know if a home is right for them within six seconds of stepping inside.  Ok, so even if your house is not up for sale you still only have one chance to make a first impression and the same can be said for …


Super Hero

I got a new picture to remind me that I can do great things.  I can’t write right now because I am trying to do great things.  Actually, I am trying to get to the great things, first I need to do laundry.