Month: August 2015


Life’s Too Short To Live In A Boring House

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10 Pennies

While my husband was at the U.S. Army War College I attended FLAGS–Facilitating, Leadership and Group Skills. It’s a one-week workshop for milispouses to refine skills in leading, guiding, and supporting work in groups utilizing our strengths. It was also known as the week where Mom went to work and Dad had to get the kids everywhere and take care of everything. While I was there we were told that we, metaphorically speaking, get 10 pennies each day to use how we wish. How we spend them is up to us. When the pennies are spent we are operating at a deficit–read We should leave mom alone right now. Pennies are to patience what calories are to food. These all cost at least one penny: Don’t eat that off of the floor! Where are all the couch cushions? Don’t lock your brother in the garage! Look where you are peeing! You can have a favorite shirt but not a favorite pair of underwear! Leave his butt alone! Please don’t carry the dog on your head! …