Month: October 2015

Pumpkin Houses

Happy Halloween! Jen If you want a spooky post check out: Halloween Murder Mystery at My House, The Addams Family vs. The Munsters, Spoooooky House in Boiling Springs, PA  


You Can Be Anything You Want–Love, Mattel

I don’t know if it’s from lack of sleep (stomach flu in my house-AGAIN), or that I’m a mother of children, or that I was once a little girl, or that I flipping hate stupid-awful-sexy-everything-stupid-sexist-dumb costumes for girls and this is so refreshing to see, or that — to give hope and inspire is a powerful thing, or, maybe, it’s all of the above, but when I saw this it made me cry. Mattel you totally got this right. Happy Be Anything You Want Day aka Halloween #GirlPower Jen


Dear Circadian Rhythm

  Dear Circadian Rhythm, You are not my favorite right now. I just found out that you are not a cricket nor something involving fertility. I didn’t know there was a reason (you) for why I am productive from 8 to 11 am and then not really again until 10 pm–sharp. I did not know that for most people, there are general times of the day when they feel the most energetic physically and when they feel mentally sharp and focused, and that these peak periods of physical and mental energy USUALLY DO NOT coincide. Seriously? And this all falls under your area Mr. Circadian-Let’s-Totally-Mess-With-Them-Rhythm. I’m really not trying to attack you. I’m not. But I feel like a total slacker everyday from 2 pm to 6 pm and apparently that is NORMAL. I could’ve used this information a bit sooner. Lapses in concentration are suppose to happen. Our mental acuity peaks in the morning! I’m suppose to feel tired in the afternoon because you set that up with the whole natural light fading and evening approaching …


Mom. The Battle.

Let’s review my weekend. I was vomited on, bled on, and I carried fox pooh in my hand. I asked a child to please not put worms in his ear. And I was told that hot chocolate and fritos was a “good bwekfest cuz you get the milk and corn dat way”. I got up early and stood by while rambunctious boys sold popcorn outside a grocery store for cub scouts. I was an innocent bystander in a cub scout camping trip. I volunteered for a very fun fall festival involving a chilli (spilled on top of the vomit, blood and pooh) cook off contest, corn hole competition, face painting, DJ, moon bounce, and ghetto beer “tent”. I toured two homes for sale, one of which I will never be able to unsee, try as I might to scrub the images from my eyeballs. And I closed the weekend with a load of laundry which entailed pulling out 5 candy wrappers, 4 empty frito bags, half of a marshmallow, a stick, one used bandaid, and something that …

Image is Great.

So if you read me regularly just read this post with your eyes closed.  You’ve read my whole decorating and road trip speal before. But for everyone else…Whenever I work with a client I ask them to show me pictures of rooms they like.  I tell them it’s like going on a road trip without a map if they don’t have a goal.  Yes, you may eventually get to California but after many detours, wasted gas, and extra motel stays.  Going to the store and buying things willy nilly without knowing what you really are aiming towards is the same thing. You end up with lamps you don’t really like, a rug that matches everything you hated, and furniture that looked good in the store, but once it came home–wasn’t what you really wanted. Looking at images of rooms full of things you can’t afford housed inside amazing architecture may feel like a waste of time when your budget is Target and your house is more of a box with windows–but that couldn’t be more wrong. …


I Live In A Parisian Apartment

  I’m pretty sure that the opposite of living in a Parisian Apartment is Annandale, Virginia, but whatever, we have a great DC commute. Just a picture of my laptop and my view…of Paris Annandale as I write this… You Gotta Have Art, Inspired Living, Cottage Love