Month: February 2016


The Proclamation of More Travel

Oh Gentle Reader, I read the travel section of last week’s newspaper today. It should be telling that I am reading Sunday’s paper the following Saturday–it takes me that long. Or that I keep only the Travel and Arts sections. Yesterday I made a Proclamation to my husband. He knows when this happens that he must adhere because when I Proclaim then that is – it. “We are going to Denmark and Belize.” I should add a Dammit to that statement as well. You see, gentle reader, my soul gets a little lost moving. My soul gets sidetracked with kids. My soul gets hijacked with the plastic to do’s. You know the to do list that isn’t saving or seeing the world but organizes the produce drawer in the refrigerator. My soul takes a back seat to the rest of the household and when time is freed soul is too tired. I walked the dog last week (foreshadowing for The Proclamation) after a margarita infused meal and shouted into a cell phone (so sorry Althea) …


Life After Junk Store

  I’m just a table Yes, I’m only an ugly table. And I’m sitting here at a junk store Well, it’s a long, long journey To your door It’s a long, long wait While I’m sitting here out of date But I know I’ll be fine decor At least I hope and pray that I’m able But today I am still just an ugly table Boy: Gee, Ugly Table, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage. Ugly Table: Well I got this far. When I started, I wasn’t even a table, I was just a tree. I’m just a table Yes I’m only an ugly table And I got dumped at this junk store Well, now I’m stuck in this store And I’ll sit here and wait While a few key people discuss and debate Whether they should paint Boy: Listen to that couple arguing! Is all that discussion and debate about you and whether it’s worth it to repaint you? Bill: Yeah, I’m one of the lucky ones. Most ugly tables never even get this far. Boy: Isn’t repainting a …


New Orleans Love

  I got married in New Orleans. It rained so hard during our 3 day celebration that they ran out of garbage bags that weekend because all of our guests were wearing them in attempt to stay dry. I’d show you pictures but our photographer had such a good time at our wedding she got drunk and forgot to take any. Oh it was a good wedding… A little NOLA style for you.