Month: June 2016


Moms and the Month of June

  June is always ridiculous. I called the orthodontist to see if she could reschedule my 11 year old’s appointment or give me an extra 15 minutes because I wasn’t sure we could make it on time. She said you must be having one of those busy days-and then I interrupted and actually told her why and what was making me busy– “You see I’m teaching about an artist at 2pm in this very son’s classroom and just before that I have to go see a lady about the 8 foot octopus that I am making for vacation bible school and I really shouldn’t┬ámove the appointment because there just isn’t any other day and can you hold on because I think the UPS guy is here with the knickers that I just ordered for the Colonial Days reenactment we are having at school Friday”. She laughed, albeit somewhat nervously, but that was all the encouragement I needed because I then launched into– “I have to melt paraffin. Have you ever melted paraffin? I mean I …