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21 Things That Make Me Happy




I’m chuckling as I write this post. Not because that video was funny, but because of you gentle reader who is getting all riled up at his mere image. But hey, this is not that kind of blog and this is not that kind of post. This isn’t about politics. I happen to like him as a person–I spent 30 minutes with him one day having coffee and he was f-u-n-n-y. But this isn’t about that either.

Nor is it about the Presidential motorcade that I drove in that was totally AWESOME.

It’s about laughing.

Take your To Do list and stick it in the freezer.

Now get a scrap of paper and write down some things that make you happy. Don’t over think it.

Here’s some of mine:

Late night shows.  (Recorded)


Good coffee.

Having time to do something creative.

Watching a good movie with my husband with real popcorn (no microwave crap), a Pims cup (google it), and my dog (kids can be optional).

Going to dinner and a movie with Dale and Mony.

Writing this blog.

Going to junk shops.

A clean orderly house.

Exploring with Steph.

Laughing. The real kind.

Planning a trip.

Editing pictures. (I know it’s weird but I love doing it–especially my design photography.)

Windows rolled down.

Gonzo’s Nose. (It’s a band.)

Spring days when the air starts to change, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining.

Not having my day dictated by an hourly schedule.

Being around team players.

Finding peace in my day with God.

Being with my husband and kids (when there is no whining/complaining/fighting.)

Mackinac Island. Especially at night. On a bike. With Jeff, Nick and Maija.

I wrote that list in 5 minutes. If you can’t come up with things then you better sit down with yourself.

It’s the weekend. Go Live Your Fun.


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