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5 Minute Spring Decorating


I am in jail today.  Seven year old has stomach flu.  I’ll leave it at that.  It is a beautiful Spring day here in Virginia.  If you live in a place that is still receiving snow–bookmark me and come back to this one later:)  For my party people who have sunshine and trees starting to bud…this one’s for you.  (Get it?)

So as I am sequestered I thought this would be a good time to see if I could bring Spring into my home in 5 minutes or less.  Because that is really all I had.  (I am able to write this post as 7 year old is entranced with TV and I am balancing a bucket and a laptop on my lap…pretty risqué if I do say so myself…what if he or I confuse the laptop for the bucket??  That could be an interesting phone call to Apple…or my husband).

Here is what you need:

Collage Scissors Cherry Blossom Vase

5 minutes.

A vase (mine is from Walmart and cost $2.50).

Heavy duty scissors, snips, branch cutter, or regular scissors and elbow grease.

Ready?  Now I base this first part on the fact that I go into a lot of people’s homes and for some reason most people have dark dining rooms.


Dark = No No No

OPEN the blinds or drapes.  Yup.  Let the light in.  (IF you are on a roll and have say 8 minutes—OPEN WINDOW TREATMENTS throughout house–heck, you can even open some windows).  And then there was LIGHT…wonderful.

Now put on shoes, go outside and trim a branch or something flowering, or maybe just something green.  I trimmed 4 or 5 stems.  I looked for long branches with greenery/buds more heavily grouped on ends.

I stuck them in vase.



I tried a variation.


This idea is good because it is free…you just need a container/vase.

Don’t like it?  Don’t have anything to cut?  Don’t know what to cut?  These are fake.  They are from TJMaxx.  They cost $29.99.  I bought them a few years ago.  Everyone thinks they are real.


Don’t want to spend $29.99?  My boys bought these for my birthday at the local grocery store.  I think they do the trick too.


Flowers and light.  5 minutes.  Spring on the inside.





Coffee is also a perfect Springtime aid…especially when your 7 year old has the stomach flu…  I’d like to say this post was made possible by Starbucks.  Thank you.


  1. Renee says

    Fabulous!! I’m bringing spring in today as you recommended! I’ve got lots to choose from outside!! 😀

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