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Airstream Camping




I’m not outdoorsy.  I like to be outdoors.  Then I like to come inside and take a shower.  Or just look out the window.  My husband likes to camp.  He likes the woods. I have a problem with the woods.  In my opinion, it is where people fleeing from prison go. I am from Detroit.  You don’t camp if you are from Detroit.  Yes, I generalize but whatever. If I want to get away and relax I don’t want to cook or clean.  Cooking and cleaning do not equal relaxing. Listening for a twig snapping because you are about to be attacked by either the prison people or bears equals–no relax.  Then there is this whole mesh/nylon issue (the stuff made out of tents or those pop out things on campers.)  Yeah, that will keep us safe.  The Dingo Ate My Baby (aka that movie with Meryl Streep in the Outback and the dingo), Deliverance, True Detectives, Dateline— all full of factual information to back up my opinions.

So my husband thinks a camper with no meshy sides and a padlock will possibly persuade me to change my mind.  He totally is forgetting 1) cooking and cleaning 2) IT’S A CAMPER.  Several years ago he took me to a camper show–lots of etched glass with wolves. Many years have passed since subject was allowed to be brought up again. Last night he took me to another camper show and I am happy to announce there wasn’t a glass to be found etched with a single wolf. Campers have come a long way since the last time we looked.  There are all sorts of bells and whistles for families equal to a loaded mini van.  My “favorite”, and I use the word loosely, had a rear area with a door for kids–bunk beds, couch, DVD and gaming hook ups.  The best part was the additional entrance through the bathroom–no muddy people traipsing through and a place to hose off before entering.  Even as I type this those items sound as exciting as getting dish towels for your birthday.

Then I spied the Airstreams.  They are as practical and affordable as buying a Mercedes 2 door convertible with white silk interior as a family car.  But, oh geez, this I could do.  And there isn’t a meshy/nylon side to be seen.


According to the brochure here’s what my life could like with one of these babies:


I googled Airstream when I came home, lots of pictures under Glamping “Glamourous Camping”–now you are talking my language.  And the aluminum exterior gives the added illusion of steel–which probably deters prison people and bears.


Found on

Found on 27 Dreamy Campers– 27 Dreamy Campers

Found on Flickr

Found on Flickr

Just to show I am open-minded.  I am willing to entertain one of these as well.




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