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J Wes Yoder

Vintage Trailer Turned Into Guest House

I think this is a brilliant guest bedroom, don’t you? J. Wes Yoder bought a 1963 Shasta for $1,900 on eBay, and uses it as a guest house, at his home in Nashville. He now rents it out on AirBnB where I heard it is booked a year in advance. Absolutely brilliant.    


New Orleans Love

  I got married in New Orleans. It rained so hard during our 3 day celebration that they ran out of garbage bags that weekend because all of our guests were wearing them in attempt to stay dry. I’d show you pictures but our photographer had such a good time at our wedding she got drunk and forgot to take any. Oh it was a good wedding… A little NOLA style for you.


Collage Art Love

  It’s been snowing here. Maybe you saw it on the news? I refrained from going outside as much as possible. Which brings me to one of my snowed in days…I was inspired to make a collage. Just me, the TV, some scissors, and howling kids in the background. I decided to frame one for my “corner office”. Speaking of collages… This is what is trending with family photos: You can click on Jenna’s link above to see how she made it. It sounds super inexpensive to do–which makes it the best. While searching for collage ideas I saw this: I love this idea. Love it. You can make a statement piece for a room with an old chair and by collaging magazine cut-outs. Kids can help and it could be a creative snow day project. Speaking of collages and kids… This is using magazine cutouts as prompts for your kids to create their own art. You can read more by clicking on the above link. Looks like some great art for accenting a wall …


If You Give A Mom a Snow Day…

  If you give a mom a snow day she’s going to want to take a nap. While she’s trying to take a nap chances are the kids will want their snow pants. If you give them their snow pants they will want help. Once you wrestle the snow pants, snow boots, coats, hats and mittens on they will go outside. When they get outside they will want to come back inside. They will probably pound on the door to let them in while yelling “MOOOOMMMMM” because they can’t supposedly open it with their mittens on. Once they get back inside they will ask for food. If you make them some food you will have to clean it up. While you are cleaning it up they will probably ask if they can pull out their messiest most complicated craft project. If you say yes they will most definitely need help. While you are reading the directions they will get bored and ask you for more food. Once they have the food they will want to …

Pumpkin Houses

Happy Halloween! Jen If you want a spooky post check out: Halloween Murder Mystery at My House, The Addams Family vs. The Munsters, Spoooooky House in Boiling Springs, PA  


Twinkle Light Magic…

…because we all could use some magic. Love this. You can never have enough twinkle lights in your hallway. (Click here to see how Kellie at did it.)


Life’s Too Short To Live In A Boring House

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