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What Color Are These?

Are these drapes Yellow and Gold? Or White and Green? Just kidding.  They are obviously White and Gold.     If you don’t get it just google “what color is the dress”…          


Positive Peeps

Good Morning! All these lovely people are joining me today.  I needed a positive peep boost.  If you are feeling it you can come and join us. It’s going to be a great day. Jen    


Airstream Camping

  I’m not outdoorsy.  I like to be outdoors.  Then I like to come inside and take a shower.  Or just look out the window.  My husband likes to camp.  He likes the woods. I have a problem with the woods.  In my opinion, it is where people fleeing from prison go. I am from Detroit.  You don’t camp if you are from Detroit.  Yes, I generalize but whatever. If I want to get away and relax I don’t want to cook or clean.  Cooking and cleaning do not equal relaxing. Listening for a twig snapping because you are about to be attacked by either the prison people or bears equals–no relax.  Then there is this whole mesh/nylon issue (the stuff made out of tents or those pop out things on campers.)  Yeah, that will keep us safe.  The Dingo Ate My Baby (aka that movie with Meryl Streep in the Outback and the dingo), Deliverance, True Detectives, Dateline— all full of factual information to back up my opinions. So my husband thinks a camper …



Today I am taking down my Christmas decorations.  Between the flu, house guests, the weather, school delays, snow days, and virtual exhaustion this idea above is looking pretty darn good, albeit weird.  And then there is the fact that my tree is real…


Halloween Murder Mystery at My House

  I really get into my decorating–so much so that while hanging spooooooky Halloween gauzy stuff from my dining room ceiling I fell off my dining room table. I proceeded to ugly cry. I am so brave.  I will spare you the complaints because my girlfriends, who were there, will scream if they have to hear about it or my pathetic injuries again.  (Email me and I’ll so go into a million details;  Oh, the horror of it all.)  I will say that I am I typing with one hand.  So I will be brief in words but long in pictures…It was a little party thrown for my husband’s bike club (and by bike I mean trails–not motorcycles.)   If you liked this post check out The Addams Family vs. The Munsters…Where Would You Live?


Displaying Kid’s Artwork

  OMG it’s Labor Day.  How did this happen??  Summer! Don’t Go!!!! And tomorrow is the first day of a new school for my boys.  And sports. And extracurricular clubs.  And homework.  And bedtimes.  And the often feared   S-C-H-E-D-U-L-E.  In short, many changes this way come, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It just feels like it. What is it about change that creates such anxiety? I read somewhere that our brains our wired to resist change–to follow familiar paths where we know there is no “danger”–something that goes back to our cave man days.  So when something new comes up, your brain fires up warnings, saying, “911!” Your glands respond by preparing you to fight, flee or freeze. Now you’re all charged up with adrenaline so you’re physically able to fight or flee if you need to. You are ready to deal with a life-threatening event.  Of course 999/100 times it’s not a life threatening event it’s just something “new”.  But your body doesn’t know that so your head still throbs and …


Chairs to You.

  Well, Hello. I have not posted for awhile. I went to Detroit for Easter.   Our house is still being shown to potential buyers… …which is having A LOT of activity.  We’ve been busy with many house guests. I’m torn between whether I am maintaining a museum (for the showings) or a bed and breakfast (for the friends and family).  Of course a whirlwind trip to Detroit and bajillion other things happening isn’t really helping.  It’s ok. We’re all healthy, “wealthy”, and wise so I won’t complain.  I only wish I had a tiara and a tutu–and rainbow striped rain boots.  That would make it all so much easier. My head has been in a fog trying to maintain momentum for the 6,000 directions I am running in.  But I haven’t been too busy to scavenge.  I just bought this cool chair for our next house in DC. And I just bought a fern for my favorite chair which lives on the front porch.  Hopefully, the new front porch will have an empty welcoming …