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Picture Frame Love

  Darn you inconvenient budget. Darn you fickle design trends. And darn you expensive-complicated-high-maintenance-picture-framing projects. I was trending once. Several years ago I carefully framed all of our family pictures in white mattes with wide black frames and artfully hung them on our stairwell in a manner that would make Pottery Barn proud. Then we moved, twice, and everything went into boxes. Now the whole mess sits in two large dish pack size moving boxes in the basement. Those heavy black frames are sooooo 2005. Insert eye rolling. I almost started replacing the frames with white wood but that would have been SO 2012. It’s maple now. If you don’t have maple on your walls then just quietly keep your drapes drawn. Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design Inc.   Traditional Dining Room by Santa Monica Photographers Meghan bob Photography   It’s not maple but I will look the other way- Richmond Kitchen & Bath Designers Kelly Brown Interiors    New York Interior Designers & Decorators West Chin Architects & Interior Designers   Scandinavian Hall by …

Jennifer Farlin

National Gallery of Art. Color Inspirations.

Yes.  I love The National Gallery of Art. I, also, love posing like the art.  Hard to tell which is Degas’ Little Dancer and which is me, isn’t it???  It’s a joyous thing to go mid-week with friends.  It was quiet, uncrowded, and none of the guards were asking me to remove my children from the sculptures. I get so excited and inspired about all the colors—and then I start building rooms in my head….         (Love this new blog I found Mix and Chic Interiors!  Check it out.)   OUTTAKES:

House Tweaking.

Tweaked. This poster was ripped.  I didn’t like all the black.  It needed custom framing because of its nonstandard size.  And so it has sat in a poster tube for several years. This was a framed article that was no longer relevant.  So it has sat in a box.  But–I loved the green custom mat, plus it had glass and a decent frame. So I combined the art from the poster and the nice mat and frame of the article and made new art–for free.  Thus, eliminating the need for custom framing, a poster tube, and a framed article taking up storage space. Tweaked.

Spring Staging and Redesign Decorating Tips

  Today I hauled out a desk I’ve had since college and painted it white.  I’m getting ready for our new home in DC.  The to do list that I’ve been staring at suddenly doesn’t have me beat anymore.  I’m ready for some change.  Sunshine and warm weather do that after a long, long winter.  I’m ready to tackle some projects and ready for action–says the sedentary girl sitting on the couch with her laptop with a cup of coffee and the Today show…  I’m currently living in a house that is up for sale.  Last June I was living in a different house that was up for sale.  Golly, it would be awesome if I can spend every spring prepping for buyers.  Not to brag, but I sort of kind of a little bit always have a nice house.  I follow my own advice.  At least I do.  My kids, not so much. EVERY single house I stage the owners always say the same thing—I wish we had made these changes earlier so WE …

Top 5 Decorating Tips for Fabulous Rooms that Look Like YOU

  It’s time for the Top 5 Decorating Tips for Fabulous Rooms that Look Like YOU—or how to not be boring.  I so hate boring.  Who has time for boring?  Life is too short for boring.  Let’s put some zip in it.  Let’s put some fun with it.  So without further ado… 5.  Something Old.  Ever walk into someone’s perfect house and feel like you are in a furniture showroom?  Or a model for new construction?  I get the willies just thinking about it.  You know what would shake that off?  Something old. Something old and painted with chippy paint is awesome.  Something old and quirky is awesome.  Something from a junk store or flea market that is random and old is awesome. Something with some history…something with layers and time and grit and experience.  Something that says I have seen life man and I have survived.  Got it?   4.  Something New.  Now if everything in your room was old and gritty and chippy and quirky–it would just be weird.  It would be too much. …

Windows are Rolled Down. Or My Road Trip to Philly.

  I wish I could say I took a road trip with the windows rolled down and the wind rushing by.  (Shout out to you Amos Lee.)  But I did take a road trip with the windows rolled tightly up, the heat on, and a ceramic thermos of coffee with some good friends (and no kids).  Thirty hours in Philadelphia.  Never has one car zigzagged more through one city.  Some by accident, some intentional.  Violet men’s v-neck sweaters don’t blend in South Philly.  Abandoned prisons can be beautiful.  Parking costs more than houses.    One must be aggressive to find a table at Reading Market during the Philidelphia Flower Show on a Saturday at lunchtime (or not be afraid to do a sliding belly smacker across a four top while yelling “I’ve Got This”.)  You don’t HAVE to have a ticket to see Independence Hall…well you are suppose to.  Bloody Mary’s and Mussels do not mix.  France can be found in Philly (so can China, New England, Victorian mansions, the projects, murals and graffiti of …

Matchbook Love. Or…Turning Matchbooks into Art.

I don’t know if it’s tooting one’s own horn or validation that motivates this post.  Regardless.  While flipping through the pages of AFAR, a travel magazine that I love, there it was…matchbooks are trending.  And what did I just make a month ago?  Matchbook Art! See?! Want to do know how to make it yourself? I bought two 18 x 24ish inch matted frames from Michaels.  They were buy one get one free.  $20 total. I bought 4 pieces of turquoise 12X12(?) scrapbook paper from Michaels.  Spent about $1.50 max. I had a matchbook collection from way back filling a large gallon ziplock bag.  I went to a vintage/junk store and found another bag of matchbooks from the 50’s and 60’s for $12…which is what inspired this whole project. I sorted through matchbooks for hours at the dining room table–each of the old ones had something funny or unusual about them.  So many of mine had hilarious and fun memories associated with the places.  I edited and laid them out based upon their merits–pretty, unique, …

Paper Source

How about a sheet of wrapping paper that costs about $3.95, is poster size (20″ x 28″) and fits into a standard store bought frame (meaning no custom framing)?????? I bought my frame (above picture) at a thrift store with a hideous picture inside of it.  I replaced the picture with a piece of wrapping paper called Plumes.   I paid $6.00 total for my mantle art. Here are some sheets of paper that are categorized as “wrapping paper” from Paper Source–all of which are about $3.95.  Most are made by Cavallini Paper (found at Paper Source and at Keep scrolling down.  Mind the gaps.  We had a few spacing issues.   Cavallini & Co La Maison           All these and more can be found at for about $4.  These papers are also at museum gift shops and other little shops.  Inexpensive and awesome.

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Wordless Wednesday.  Wordless because I had no internet.  Which brings me to today–Thankful Thursday. I’m thankful that my internet is back.  Thanks Comcast for showing up 30 minutes after I called and spending 90 minutes at my house! Did you know being thankful is the cornerstone of happiness? So grab a pad of post it notes and scribble willy nilly some things you are thankful for–then stick them all over the crazy place. Thankful Thursday Everyone!

You Gotta Have Art

If you are from Detroit and you are a product of the 70’s and 80’s then you know this song.  It’s. Classic. It’s a commercial for the Detroit Institute of Arts.  They’ve got art, but do you? I don’t mean Museum Quality Collector ART.  I just mean some scraps of paper mounted on your wall that speak to you.  Something that lifts your soul.  Something that reminds you of a faraway place or time.  Or maybe it doesn’t remind you of a darn thing and that’s why you like it.  But you gotta like it.  And you gotta have art. Art is what separates our homes from furniture show rooms.  Art is what makes a home look collected over time.  Art is what gives our rooms personality. Remember Ode to a Green Purse?  Or Making Art Out of Objects You Love?  (I know, who can forget those oldie but goodies.)  Art can be ANYTHING as long as YOU like it and it makes YOU feel good to look at it. So are your walls still …