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When It’s For Sale Wednesday…Or 10 Home Staging Tips

  Pretend it’s Wednesday. I know it’s Thursday. I’ve got real estate on my brain. We currently rent and are looking to buy. My husband loves Zillow. He loves going to Sunday open houses. He loves driving around looking at neighborhoods. I do not. It stresses me out. Even as I type this my palms are getting sweaty. For starters buying a house is a big flipping deal. I know because I’ve bought 3 of them. It’s not just buying shelter–it’s aspiring to a different life. It’s what rises up to greet you in the morning and what surrounds you as you sleep. It’s where your kids make their childhood memories. It’s where life–good and bad–is lived. And houses are expensive. So I become crazy when I walk through them and they are up for sale with as much care as a toaster in a garage sale. Houses should not would not NEVER be sold casually…unless you have money and time to waste. People put more time in cleaning out their cars when they sell them …

Spring Staging and Redesign Decorating Tips

  Today I hauled out a desk I’ve had since college and painted it white.  I’m getting ready for our new home in DC.  The to do list that I’ve been staring at suddenly doesn’t have me beat anymore.  I’m ready for some change.  Sunshine and warm weather do that after a long, long winter.  I’m ready to tackle some projects and ready for action–says the sedentary girl sitting on the couch with her laptop with a cup of coffee and the Today show…  I’m currently living in a house that is up for sale.  Last June I was living in a different house that was up for sale.  Golly, it would be awesome if I can spend every spring prepping for buyers.  Not to brag, but I sort of kind of a little bit always have a nice house.  I follow my own advice.  At least I do.  My kids, not so much. EVERY single house I stage the owners always say the same thing—I wish we had made these changes earlier so WE …

Sick. Or…A Tour of Bathrooms.

  Did I get cocky?  Did I think to myself…we’ve made it through this whole winter without missing any school and without any puke buckets???   Oh what a world, what a world…(remember the Wicked Witch of the West?)  I’m MELTING!  I’m in the tornado.  I’m out of the tornado.  In the last 4 1/2 days we’ve survived two little boys with the stomach flu and mom’s (me) trip to the ER.  Good times.  I think we’ve stepped onto the other side now. I’m looking for Glinda, the Good Witch.  I could use a giant bubble to float around in and definitely a magic wand.           If you have no idea what I’m talking about it’s been too long my friend since you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz.  I’ve probably got Oz on my mind because I just watched Oz The Great and Powerful, the prequel to the classic.  I liked it! I’ve seen a lot of TV this week… Unfortunately, most of it has been Clone Wars and Scooby Doo …

Bella Home Staging

My House. Part 3

  So we are in Winter Storm Nika, not to be confused with Maximus.  Today this was as far as I made it outside.  Pretty everywhere I looked.  Kids were going door to door offering to clean cars of snow and ice for donations.  Last I looked there were 7 kids working on my car.  And one dog. Inside is where I am content right now.  You saw Part 1 and Part 2 of inside–here’s the continuation… Clearly this is not today.  It was taken in September, and it made me happy when I saw it.  So I’ll end my house tour on a sunny note.  As I mentioned, in previous posts, this house is for sale and we’ll be moving to DC in June.  Happiness to the new owner who gets to live here:)  

My House. Part 1

I live in an awesome house. We were very settled in Virginia when we found out we were moving to Pennsylvania.  Now we are very settled in Pennsylvania (it’s been a whole 6 months) and we are moving to DC in June.  This house is going up for sale in a few weeks.  Want to see inside?         This is my favorite piece of art.  It’s by Janice Miles from Saugatuck, Michigan. The companion.  Love the deep midnight blue sky.   It’s a blizzard here.  Winter Storm Maximus.  Love the names they come up with.  Whole family home so I’m off to walk in the snow.  More pictures tomorrow… Jen My House Part 2 My House Part 3          

Plants Make it Pretty

Wilton Photographers Michael Biondo Photography Eclectic Garage And Shed by Hershey Photographers Amy Renea Did you read yesterday’s post?  Ok, we’ll wait while you click here.   Be it ever so lovely there’s no place like home.  What’s one thing you can do to your house to make it feel “homey”?  Add plants.  Greenery. Flowers.  They give instant home appeal.  This goes for staging your house for sale, as well.  Plants make a room more inviting and more inviting gets buyers. Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Did you know that house plants can improve the quality of air in your house?  The air quality in your own home is usually much worse than the outdoor one.  Synthetic chemical cleaning products, foam in our furniture and carpet, and other building materials in our houses all emit toxins.  Then there is mold, tobacco smoke, poorly ventilated cooking sources…  I’m sort of freaking myself out.  Open some windows everyone. I’m perusing around the web and a lot of folks concur these are some of the …


Sold! My House in Pictures.

I had a house in Virginia.  It was staged to sell and sold in a week. I loved that house and miss it.  But ultimately it was a product that had to be marketed. Buyers make up their minds whether they like a house or hate it in the first 6 seconds of walking through the door; but so do friends, neighbors, and yes, even you.  First impressions are powerful.  So are hazy constant impressions that sort of infiltrate your subconscious.  Weeds.  Clutter.  Piles.  Dirt.  Smell.  Cracks.  Haphazard “stuff” shoved here and there.  Pictures hung crooked.  Scale and placement of furniture all wrong.  It all works together to make you feel “bad”.  Whether it is the product you are trying to sell or the home you are trying to create—details count. Here are my pictures of my product that was once my home.