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I Live In A Parisian Apartment

  I’m pretty sure that the opposite of living in a Parisian Apartment is Annandale, Virginia, but whatever, we have a great DC commute. Just a picture of my laptop and my view…of Paris Annandale as I write this… You Gotta Have Art, Inspired Living, Cottage Love


Memories of a Yard

I don’t really look back. It’s a waste of my energy. I let the good stuff propel me forward and I do my best to let the bad go. And every so often a mixture of the both will come back to visit. I say hello, learn what I can, and brush myself off. And nostalgia, well, that’s the same thing. I mean it happened. It’s over. Glad we had fun. Glad it was good. But you can’t live in the past. Even though, every so often I get nostalgic. I miss my old house. It was home. But I’m also glad we are free of it. To say that the house was labor intensive and required bags of money to maintain is to say that this winter Boston just got some snow or Donald Trump’s hair is just a little weird—it’s an understatement. However, despite all the work and money, the backyard was my oasis.  When Spring is in the air I remember my love hate relationship I had with it.  Oh the yard …


President’s Day

  Dear Gentle Reader, I’m sitting at my laptop with my winter coat on, and yes the heat is working.  It’s cold. I’m listening to show tunes because baby that is how I roll. I’m also giving up exclamation points. They are overused. I’m slamming coffee and thinking of all the ways to celebrate President’s Day. I’m possibly being sarcastic, yet am I? I did just go to the National Archives with my husband on Friday and viewed the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. And the other day we went to Ford’s Theater and sat yards away from where President Lincoln was shot while we watched a play about the hours and days after his assassination.  Meanwhile Hillary Clinton sat a few rows behind us.  Maybe she will be our next President? I’m thinking I can check President’s Day off my list, but not before this: Hearts to You, Jen

Snapshot Challenge: My House.

My house is clean and the sun was out.  I took one picture which led to another and then another.  Back in the day I would go into people’s houses and do photo shoots. This felt like that.  My favorite part is editing what I captured…or looking at what I thought I saw and really seeing it on “film”.  (Then redoing it.) That’s the best way to really edit/style your rooms.  Take a picture and you will see what others see when they walk in the door.   Kindness and joy to you, Jen!

Carmel, California

Wish List. Cottages I Covet.

New Year’s Resolution.  Be very specific about what I want. Dear Universe, I will take one of these please.  Thank you.  Jen   If you liked this post then you will just love: Teeny Tiny Cottages, and Cottage Love      

Ralph Lauren

I Dreamed A Dream Of Ralph Lauren

I was listening to Les Miserables last night while looking at a magazine spread of Ralph Lauren interiors. That is obviously what inspired the dream I had. I dreamed a dream of Ralph Lauren When hope was high And life worth living I dreamed that he would decorate my house I dreamed that he would be not expensive Then I was young and so naive So dreams were made and used and wasted There was no mortgage to be paid No song unsung No college tuition But the budget talk comes at night With my husband’s voice soft as thunder As they tear your hope apart And they turn your dream towards Target And still I dream he’ll come to me That I will live the years with velvet But there are dreams that cannot be And there are storms we cannot weather I had a dream my life would be So different from this budget I’m living So different now from what it seemed Now Ralph Lauren’s fee’s have killed The dream I dreamed …

Inspired Living, Or Pictures of Not Normal Living.

It’s August 21st.  Today marks my very first normal day since 1979.  Meaning, my house is not on the market, I’m not packing to move, I’m not unpacking from a move, I’m not being chased by a pack of very aggressive geese (really did happen last week), I’m not leaving for a trip, planning a major event, or staying at someone else’s house because I am homeless, I don’t have house guests (8 just left including a baby and a 4 year old not including a small dog and a really big dog), I’m not on percocet (Yes, my husband had to call 911 2 weeks ago because I was paralyzed on the dining room floor due to a very unwelcome back and nerve issue.) and my house is clean and semi-to do list free (I actually just refuse to make a new to do list so therefore that counts as not having one.)  So today is normal.  It’s 5:53 pm as I write this so I hope I don’t curse it.  Watch, any minute …

Bella Home Staging

My House. Part 3

  So we are in Winter Storm Nika, not to be confused with Maximus.  Today this was as far as I made it outside.  Pretty everywhere I looked.  Kids were going door to door offering to clean cars of snow and ice for donations.  Last I looked there were 7 kids working on my car.  And one dog. Inside is where I am content right now.  You saw Part 1 and Part 2 of inside–here’s the continuation… Clearly this is not today.  It was taken in September, and it made me happy when I saw it.  So I’ll end my house tour on a sunny note.  As I mentioned, in previous posts, this house is for sale and we’ll be moving to DC in June.  Happiness to the new owner who gets to live here:)  

My House. Part 2

Hi! It’s Part 2.  It’s the same as Part 1 but different…same home, more snow, different rooms.  Still for sale.  I feel like I should put out a disclaimer.  I know it looks really good but I look at these pictures and I think–well that needs this, or that, or this is too small, and that is too big, and this is just looking old, and that looks too bare, and this looks too busy.  But hey, it’s not Architectural Digest, it’s my house…And if you read my About Me page I would be a walking contradiction if I let “this and that” stop me…to quote myself,  “Don’t wait until your kids are grown and out of the house or until you are in your “permanent” home to decorate.  Live in the moment and enjoy your home now—and have fun with it!” I’ve been blessed to live in this great house.  It’s for sale.  Want to buy it?  Tip your hat in my direction if you are interested:)  Part 3 is coming next.  (It’s here! …