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Blue and Gold Kitchens–Go Navy!

Maybe I just have Navy on my mind as we did just spend the weekend in Annapolis where I was surrounded by Blue and Gold. (Leave it to me to turn a tailgate and football game into a decorating inspiration, but whatever.)                        


Plug-In Wall Sconces–Did I Just Blow Your Mind?

Plug-in wall sconces–who knew? I love writing these groundbreaking posts. Yes, you don’t need an expensive electrician to have wall mounted lighting. You can buy them with a regular ordinary cord and plug it into your wall and it will still look great. Think of the possibilities–free up room on your bedside table, better light for reading, intentional lighting where you need it, highlight a great spot. I know…your mind is blown.     Photo by Cynthia Lynn Photography    Photo by The Design Atelier –    Photo by Rauser Design – Look for farmhouse bedroom design inspiration

5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal…Or How to Camouflage An Ugly House

Are you living in an ugly house? (The house above is not an example of this.) Never fear if you have one of the less than attractive ones–your house just needs make-up. 5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal…Or How to Camouflage An Ugly House. 1.Vines. If your house isn’t wood—use cover up. I can almost hear the home inspectors screaming. Do your research. Some will tear off your gutters, some look bad in the winter, and some are prone to being a highway for insects. But some can WOW. (Southern Living Do’s and Don’ts) I know none of these examples were ugly houses to start with–but this is meant to inspire:) 2.Paint your front door. Let’s face it–we all look better with a little color. 3.Flowering anything. Bushes, trees, flowers. 4.Spruce up your grass. (It’s the hair cut of the bunch.) 5.Flare. Big colorful pots flanking the front door, porch lights, door knocker, front door mat, wreath, and/or dare I say a lawn ornament or two?  


Spring Cherry Blossom Love and Party Decor

We live in DC so naturally we couldn’t miss seeing the Cherry Blossoms-   Somebody please throw a party and invite me–the ideas below are so beautiful:  


Agate and Geode Style

I went to the Smithsonian National History Museum in DC with my Mom and Dad awhile back and was dazzled. I keep thinking I need more geodes and agates in my life, don’t you? Like these napkin rings from my blog post a few days back: Or this jewelry: Or just any of these gorgeous ideas below… My birthday is coming up just in case anyone is interested.

Easter Table Ideas (Love)

  Easter Table Ideas (Love)…I broke it down into three categories: Easy, Not As Easy, and Do Not Attempt. “Easy” “Not As Easy” “Do Not Attempt”  


Life After Junk Store

  I’m just a table Yes, I’m only an ugly table. And I’m sitting here at a junk store Well, it’s a long, long journey To your door It’s a long, long wait While I’m sitting here out of date But I know I’ll be fine decor At least I hope and pray that I’m able But today I am still just an ugly table Boy: Gee, Ugly Table, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage. Ugly Table: Well I got this far. When I started, I wasn’t even a table, I was just a tree. I’m just a table Yes I’m only an ugly table And I got dumped at this junk store Well, now I’m stuck in this store And I’ll sit here and wait While a few key people discuss and debate Whether they should paint Boy: Listen to that couple arguing! Is all that discussion and debate about you and whether it’s worth it to repaint you? Bill: Yeah, I’m one of the lucky ones. Most ugly tables never even get this far. Boy: Isn’t repainting a …


Christmas Hangover or…Mantle Decorating Ideas.

  I have successfully taken down most of my Christmas decorations. I have no idea what was where before the whole decorating takeover happened. I have a Christmas hangover. Everything is bare and I am ok with that. I am also experiencing decorating lethargy at the moment. If you, like me, need a few simple inspirations to try to copy–well, here you go. Mantles. That’s all I could muster–lol. We will try for another category next time;)



  Dusty cobblestone, heather dusk, almond toast, golden bear, lion mane, pismo dunes, honey moth… What do all these words have in common? Incomprehensible paint colors names.  I have no idea what color pismo dunes represents.  None. But how about Greige?  Beige and grey. That I can figure out, almost. And apparently, it’s been trending. While the term “greige” is a perfect blend of grey and beige, the word also gets its meaning from the old French and Italian words meaning “raw silk,” (Wiktionary) which sounds very chic to me. I found this glowing review about Thunder (AF-685) by Benjamin Moore—the color above on Pinterest via Hypen Interiors–-I chose this for a client at a recent colour consultation expecting it to be a greige. Once the painter was finished I realized that this is probably the perfect, elusive gray that we are all looking for. There are no obvious undertones that take over as there normally are with gray. It’s deceiving on the chip though because it looks more greige than gray.   If you try it you’ll have …

Inspired Decorating Ideas for the Unexpected aka WOW!

  I love to be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected when I visit other people’s homes. Especially where I live. My neighborhood was built in the 1960’s and 70’s and the exteriors are very “unassuming”. Many look very small and dated but then you go inside and WOW! The house is huge with tastefully done additions and floor to ceiling windows with views of woods and rolling hills. The backyards are surprising leafy oases complete with outdoor rooms and cozy eating areas. Kitchens and bathrooms are renovated and rooms feel light, airy and modern. Moral of the story? It’s what inside that counts–don’t judge us by our covers. So to all my neighbors this one’s for you… Inspired Decorating Ideas for the Unexpected aka WOW!   More ideas? Try: Smoke and Mirrors Part 2, Wallpaper is the Coolest, COLOR