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Sold! My House in Pictures.

I had a house in Virginia.  It was staged to sell and sold in a week. I loved that house and miss it.  But ultimately it was a product that had to be marketed. Buyers make up their minds whether they like a house or hate it in the first 6 seconds of walking through the door; but so do friends, neighbors, and yes, even you.  First impressions are powerful.  So are hazy constant impressions that sort of infiltrate your subconscious.  Weeds.  Clutter.  Piles.  Dirt.  Smell.  Cracks.  Haphazard “stuff” shoved here and there.  Pictures hung crooked.  Scale and placement of furniture all wrong.  It all works together to make you feel “bad”.  Whether it is the product you are trying to sell or the home you are trying to create—details count. Here are my pictures of my product that was once my home.  

Styling Bookshelves for Normal People Part 2

  Traditional Family Room by Rockville Centre Interior Designer HarLoe Interiors So this is Bookshelves 201.  If you are here and haven’t taken Bookshelves 101 that is fine.  I really think next semester these two courses should be combined.  I’m going to go over some important points to consider that are pertinent to 101 so you should be just fine.  Just in case, here is the syllabus for 101, Styling Bookshelves for Normal People Part 1. Important Points to Consider when Arranging Bookshelves/Built-Ins: 1.  WHERE is it located?  IMPORTANT.  If it someplace you stare at all the time i.e. next to your TV, do not fill it with everything you own. Just because you have it does not mean it needs to be displayed. Just because it cost a lot of money does not mean you need to display it or keep it. Just because it was a gift does not mean you need to display it and stare and it constantly (especially if you don’t like it.) Just because you don’t know what to …

How to Style a Bookshelf for Normal People. Part 1

You actually did get more birthday presents than this Elaine, but they didn’t match the shelving unit so I had them destroyed.     ( September 25, 2012) (Source: This is a tough one.  I struggle with this too.  How do you make built ins, shelves, bookcases look artfully arranged without looking “arranged”.  It’s like that scenario where you spend 4 hours trying to look really good and when you arrive at said destination– “Oh this old thing?  I just threw it on.” It’s the unwritten rule that unless it is for a grade, interview, etc…no one wants to look like they tried too hard. So when I look at magazine pictures of bookshelves they all look so amazing and haphazard all at once. Like this: But really?  Who has bins of…are those parchments?…lying around and books that all happen to match? Hence the title of this post—How to Style a Bookshelf for Normal People. You need to remember a few rules.  Let’s keep it basic.  Simple.  When we have it mastered we will move …

The Paint Store

I swear to you every word I am about to utter is true.  THIS my friends is why I started to blog—waiting for this very moment.   Now most of the time when truth is stranger than fiction I cannot share it.  It involves other people’s stories—and while their stories might prove to be EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING as it relates to me, it is not my place to divulge.  So family, friends, and clients know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But today a stranger was involved and all bets are off. Today was an ordinary day.  I went to the paint store.  I wanted to check out their scratch and dent paint—yes that is a real thing.  I get out of the car and walk through the parking lot.  The rest of this story will now just be flashes of images, chaotic and confusing. A woman is walking through the parking lot with a can of paint and a dog.  Why she had a dog with her continues to haunt me.  Was it a …