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The Munster’s House

Interesting fact I learned yesterday and I thought it was worth sharing on Halloween.  (Ok, maybe just interesting to me.) Remember the Munster’s House?                             Remember Desperate Housewives?                       Same house. I know! Blew my mind too. Spooky Day To You!!! If you want to ponder The Munster’s more check this out….The Addams Family vs. The Munsters…Where Would You Live?

Almost Wordless Wednesday…Waiting.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” I’m about to be invincible. Good, because I’m going to need it.  My next move is coming up fast and life in a military family with little boys is never boring. Stay tuned because I’m working on my top 5 list of what every room needs to be more like, well, YOU. And that’ll put a little Spring in your step…

Halloween Night

  I think we are ready for Halloween.  I’m not sure about candy quantity though.  I heard we get so many trick or treaters that the sidewalks are packed and EVERYONE is out.  I also heard that people drive to our neighborhood to trick or treat.  How much candy does this mean I need??  And Holy Cow when did bags of candy get so expensive?  I remember not so long ago when it was $4.50 for the really big bags…now I’m seeing $10+…eek.  Speaking of candy, I’m showing the most amazing amount of restraint.  I. have. had. no. candy…yet.  I’m in the midst of this most boringest BORING no gluten, no dairy, no sugar of any kind BORING doctor ordered elimination diet.  I’m on like Week 5 of Week 5,346.  At least I have my coffee back.  I’ll be trick or treating with a mug. Did you know that half of all kids prefer chocolate candy for Halloween? Did you know that I love dark chocolate and I. will. not. be. eating. any. of. it? …


Hi!  How are you?  I’ve got so many decisions to make that I can’t make up my mind.  I want to write a post about The Love Boat.  I want to write about Vintage 1950’s cars.  I want to compare and contrast The Addams Family and The Munsters.  Then I have this STACK of magazines with all sorts of ideas I’m percolating on.  I’m trying to track down a picture from high school with my pal Debbie Urquhart involving a baby pool and mud which will inspire me to discuss how to outfit your own bathroom into a spa.  I’ve got a few irons in the stove?  Bricks in the oven?  I’ve got some leads on Feng Shui using Rover (or Fluffy).  And finally, The Top 5 Things Every Room Needs to Not Look Terrible.  Where to begin?  Which to choose?

Please Stand-by. *sigh*

I can write text all day for you to read.  But. I. Can. Not. Upload. Pictures. WordPress and I are at odds with each other.  I have a lovely post just waiting for you—just without pictures. It’s like a cake without frosting.  A movie without popcorn.  A bed without a pillow.  Peanut Butter and Jelly without the bread.  My life without coffee.  Oh wait I gave that up for 3 weeks.  And. There. Are. Still. Seventeen. Days. Left. Thatslike480hours. So anyway.  Please stand-by.  

DC or Bust! or…How YOU Can Empower 9 Young Girls.

Did you know I was a Brownie?  I never made it to an actual Girl Scout as I think I got distracted with ballet, which maybe led to playing the flute?  In the 70’s kids weren’t as busy and structured as kids now.  I think maybe we did more daydreaming while staring into a crystal clear pond.  I wish.  I was raised outside Detroit but the idea is nice. Apparently I am part of about 59 million American women who were part of the Girl Scout community.  I just recently found out Lucille Ball was a Girl Scout.  I Love Lucy was my favorite show growing up and still remains so to this day.  I remember watching it whenever I could on Channel 50 (WKBD ? Detroit) at 12:30 right after Andy Griffith.  It was the 70’s, and I guess part of the 80’s, and we had a television with a dial.  Remember, you had to put the upper dial to “U”  ? and the lower dial to “50” ?  I digress.  Back to Lucille …