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Chairs to You.



Well, Hello.

I have not posted for awhile.

I went to Detroit for Easter.


Awesome art I bought from local artist in Ferndale, Michigan.


Our house is still being shown to potential buyers…


…which is having A LOT of activity.  We’ve been busy with many house guests. I’m torn between whether I am maintaining a museum (for the showings) or a bed and breakfast (for the friends and family).  Of course a whirlwind trip to Detroit and bajillion other things happening isn’t really helping.  It’s ok.


Birthday Card that I Love.


We’re all healthy, “wealthy”, and wise so I won’t complain.  I only wish I had a tiara and a tutu–and rainbow striped rain boots.  That would make it all so much easier.

My head has been in a fog trying to maintain momentum for the 6,000 directions I am running in.  But I haven’t been too busy to scavenge.  I just bought this cool chair for our next house in DC.



And I just bought a fern for my favorite chair which lives on the front porch.  Hopefully, the new front porch will have an empty welcoming spot for it.

I’ve got a thing for chairs.  I don’t spend more than a few pennies on every chair I buy (more or less).  An interesting chair gives a little something something to every room.


This one sits by my front door.  It is hinged and if you open it up and flip it over the chair turns into shelves.



This, my friend, is the Spanish Conquistador Chair.  It has a title.  I paid $25 for it at Edlin’s Auction in Corpus Christi, Texas, 1999.



This lady was a redo.  It was also bought at Edlin’s in 1999, but by my friends.  They reupholstered it, got sick of it, I took it, painted it, and then modge podged it with pages from a book. Sadly, it had a twin that still lives in Virginia Beach.


This is one of my favorites.  I love the shiny enamel white chipped paint, the pink that is on the underside.  It is so solid.  It has stories.  Someone else painted it other than me.  It has age.  It is sturdy.  I love the lines.  I love the back of it.





As I type this I am looking at my Chair Art…



I love chairs.

Most homes I go into don’t have good funky chairs.  You need at least two.  Chairs, I have found, are expensive if they are already decked out.  Junk stores, thrift stores, garage sales etc… are good places.  Look for one with a nice shape and a seat that (if upholstered) lifts out easily (easy to take some new fabric and a staple gun to) and disregard the color.  Scrub brush, sand paper, and/or paint can transform many a chair.

LOVE this room.

Chairs to you!  Get it? It’s like Cheers only Chairs because this post is about Chairs…


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