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Cord Control


This is going to be one of the most riveting posts you will have ever read.  It is about how to hide electrical cords.  Yes.

Amy Volk over at showed us how to Organize Cords on her September 9th blog posting.  I’m going to piggy back on hers–make sure to read it–and add an aesthetic version.  Amy, my lovely friend who is very wise, makes my job easy.  I can’t make your house look good if it is a disorganized mess.  She will clear your chaotic piles and cure your where-are-my-car keys-woes.

She is your glue, and I am your glitter.  Yes.

Cords are ugly.  Functional but ugly.  Hide them.  Buy Command Cord Clips.  They come in small, medium, and large.  I bought the large on Amazon for the first project.


IMG_9651This is a cable cord that will not lay flat.  It drives me crazy.


You are suppose to press the 3M removable tape for 30 seconds, then add the hooks and hold that onto the tape for 30 seconds. AND then wait an hour until you use it.  I didn’t wait.  So it took more time than it should have trying to “fix” it.  If you are using these for heavy cords like I was I would follow the directions.



This is the after.  The cord needs some time before it is ready to lay flat.


This is a much better after.  It is an average lamp cord and I used the small clips.  You can’t see it at all.



I know you need to catch your breath after all this excitement.  Laugh all you want but when your friends and family ooohhh and ahhh remember your pals Glue and Glitter.

Glue and Glitter Poloroid


  1. I love this! My cord situation is out of control. I’m in some desperate need of glitter when it comes to power strips though. Suggestions?

  2. Holly Farlin says

    Jenn, please bring plenty of these when you come to Arkansas in January to decorate our house! Thanks!


  3. Kathy Farlin says

    You need to spend several days in Arkansas cuz we also have a few cord issues.

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