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All my Christmas decorations have been put away but my mantles, shelves, and tables are bare.  Why is it every year I have zero recollection as to how it all looked before the Christmas explosion?  I cannot remember what went where.  I love Christmas because everyone is excited, happy and kind–until the week or so before when suddenly everyone becomes tired, grumpy and stressed–and then sick.  I really don’t love Christmas so much when it’s just over.  As in O-V-E-R and it’s January and you are staring at a wilting Christmas tree with ornaments drooping low low low, and all the stuff you received as gifts are lying around homeless, and your refrigerator is FULL of food that is leftover and old, and your house looks like you gave a New Year’s Eve party to 100 angry people–only you didn’t, and well you are just spent-in both senses of the word.

So, maybe I’m really glad it’s over.  I’m ready for something new.  Oh wait, I’m moving, again.  That’s not really new.  It’s old.  As in moving is so old.  But it will be a new place, sort of.  A new house.  Know anyone who wants to rent their house to me?  It must be big, gorgeous, affordable, centrally located to the Pentagon (forgot to mention I’m moving to Washington, DC), in a good school district, and take pets.  I can dream.  I have a Dream–it is DC isn’t it?!

I have a million things to do right this minute but I can’t get off the couch.  I have coffee.  It’s quiet.  It’s raining.  It’s very peaceful in a if -I -squint -my eyes -and -only -look -at my -to -do -list -upside -down -it -doesn’t -look -so -long way.  I have company coming, a baby shower to throw, housework to do, projects to finish and starkly bare mantles, shelves and tables.  And I need to find a new place to live.

But it’s raining outside and I have coffee, and a little peace.



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