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DC or Bust! or…How YOU Can Empower 9 Young Girls.


That’s me on the left.

Did you know I was a Brownie?  I never made it to an actual Girl Scout as I think I got distracted with ballet, which maybe led to playing the flute?  In the 70’s kids weren’t as busy and structured as kids now.  I think maybe we did more daydreaming while staring into a crystal clear pond.  I wish.  I was raised outside Detroit but the idea is nice.

Apparently I am part of about 59 million American women who were part of the Girl Scout community.  I just recently found out Lucille Ball was a Girl Scout.  I Love Lucy was my favorite show growing up and still remains so to this day.  I remember watching it whenever I could on Channel 50 (WKBD ? Detroit) at 12:30 right after Andy Griffith.  It was the 70’s, and I guess part of the 80’s, and we had a television with a dial.  Remember, you had to put the upper dial to “U”  ? and the lower dial to “50” ?  I digress.  Back to Lucille Ball and Girl Scouts and me being a Brownie.  A word I say a lot is “empower”.  I like to help empower people to bring joy into their homes.  Lucille Ball (remember a former Girl Scout) has empowered countless actresses, female comedians, and women who are trying to pull a fast one over their husbands…LUCY!!  AND GIRL SCOUTS…

Girl Scouts empower girls to discover fun, and friendship, and be courageous and strong.  Girl Scouting helps girls develop their full individual potential; relate to others; develop values to guide their actions; and contribute to the helping of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others.

And by golly I know a Girl Scout Troop who is trying to make their way to Washington DC this summer and is just a teensy wee bit shy of the funds to make this opportunity happen for 9 girls.

Troop 643 is kicking off their Washington DC fundraiser to help raise money for a 2 day trip to DC to explore the Smithsonian Musems. They have chosen to go green with a fundraiser that features fun reusable bags and products that are durable, affordable, and eco-smart.  It’s easy to support the girls just by shopping online.

If you would like to help the Troop 643 Fundraiser, head over to http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com and shop all of their reusable bags, eco-friendly accessories and other products. When you are checking out and reviewing your order, add the Fundraiser ID# 213908 to make sure you give credit to Troop 643. 40% of every purchase will go towards the funds for their trip.

The fundraiser is running from April 15-April 30.

Raise your hand if you were a Girl Scout!  Who have YOU empowered today!  Go Girl Scout alumni!





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