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Dear Circadian Rhythm



Dear Circadian Rhythm,

You are not my favorite right now.

I just found out that you are not a cricket nor something involving fertility.

I didn’t know there was a reason (you) for why I am productive from 8 to 11 am and then not really again until 10 pm–sharp.

I did not know that for most people, there are general times of the day when they feel the most energetic physically and when they feel mentally sharp and focused, and that these peak periods of physical and mental energy USUALLY DO NOT coincide. Seriously? And this all falls under your area Mr. Circadian-Let’s-Totally-Mess-With-Them-Rhythm.

I’m really not trying to attack you. I’m not. But I feel like a total slacker everyday from 2 pm to 6 pm and apparently that is NORMAL. I could’ve used this information a bit sooner. Lapses in concentration are suppose to happen. Our mental acuity peaks in the morning! I’m suppose to feel tired in the afternoon because you set that up with the whole natural light fading and evening approaching thing. But, HA HA, cardiovascular efficiency and muscular strength peak here–making this sluggish period the best time for exercise. Why would you do that? So basically morning is the WORST time to exercise, according to, YOU, but the best time to use my brain, when I’m still half asleep.

On top of all these contractions this entire rhythm of yours is influenced by daylight, darkness, external noise, quiet, eating, fasting, body activity, and hormone production. So if it is dark and raining I might as well bag it.

While I am not happy with this challenge to my productivity, sir, at least I now have a real excuse.  Forces greater than I are converging to thwart me at every turn.

I will keep you in mind next time I decide to have a productive day. In the meantime, please keep us mothers in mind next time you decide to throw us a curveball.



Jennifer Farlin

P.S. Who do I write to about this whole day light savings thing?



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