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Decorating Trends 2014. What’s In…What’s Out.


My Pop loves newspapers.  He sends me articles from all over on decorating.  I got a laugh over a few recently as they are proclaiming what’s in and what’s out.

Ikat prints are OUT.  My pillows are out.  Ikat is no good.  And I quote Designer Sheldon Harte:  “You know it’s over when it’s showing up on paper plates in CVS.”


My Mom’s macrame she made in the 70’s? 60’s? is IN.  I bet she is beaming as she reads this.

Bella Home Staging


Woodland creatures are OUT.  Oh thank God.  I hated the damn owls.  No more blinky owls, foxes or timid deer.

Andy Harman.

Andy Harman.

Of course what if it is made out of macrame?  Does it become IN again?  I really hope not.


All white kitchens are OUT.

I do NOT agree.  This is just lovely.

Dark blue and charcoal is In.

Living Room by Berkeley Interior Designers & Decorators Urban Orchard Interiors

Faux painted walls are OUT.

Wallpaper is IN.  Remember my post about Why Wallpaper is the Coolest?

Traditional Powder Room by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Did you notice the Snowshoe Mirror? (Hey Pottery Barn Check Me Out!)

Brown or black furniture is OUT.  Does this mean wood?  I have no idea but I guess I’m in trouble.

Painted furniture is IN.

Yellow accents are IN and natural countertops are IN.
JAS Design-Build
Corduroy Upholstery is IN.
Particle board is OUT.  When was it IN?
And fun colors are in.  Well we like that:)

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