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Disco Tagged

Disco Ball


My iPhone is trying to tell me something.

I was texting with my friend, we will call her Deirdre, and I was trying to do the “kdnvoiadjfnnlkjie” text which we all know means complaining with total frustration when my phone autocorrected it just as I hit SEND.

Gagged bluefin shake


I couldn’t have made that up if I tried.

I then tried to use the word “discouraged” and I was auto corrected–again.

Disco tagged


I am disco tagged.

We both agreed this was an improvement over discouraged.

She told me she needed to get something done like take out the fishes. Which to me conjures up something way better than unloading the dishwasher.

Naturally, the universe via my iPhone, is trying to tell me something. Lighten up.

Life lessons are much easier to understand when watching someone else’s unfold in a movie, or in a book, when written by an author that you know doesn’t kill off the main character.  You know there is suppose to be that testing phase that is followed by euphoric glee of triumph.  The thing is, sometimes these movies or books chronicle someone’s life over decades, meaning the pay off to their hard work is, like almost after they died.  Van Gogh–never knew he was a “successful” painter–he died before it happened.  If I was texting right now my iPhone would insert a gagged bluefin shake here.

I just looked up the word “discouraged” and it says: having lost confidence or enthusiasm.  {bluk}  How fortuitous the universe is telling me to be “disco tagged” instead.  Let me look that up.

disco–Attend or dance at a disco. Music containing elements of funk, soul, pop, salsa and psychedelic 

“for the next three hours he discoed nonstop”

tagged–To catch. A children’s game in which one player chases the others in an effort to touch one of them, who then takes the role of pursuer.

Disco tagged:  to be caught and then taken on role of pursuer of the dance of funk and soul

Alright.  Somebody’s gotta do it, might as well be me.

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  1. Mony says

    Love this! I play Disco tag with the kids in my kids Zumba class. They love it and me too! I’m in any time you want to Disco Tag .

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