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Displaying Kid’s Artwork



OMG it’s Labor Day.  How did this happen??  Summer! Don’t Go!!!! And tomorrow is the first day of a new school for my boys.  And sports. And extracurricular clubs.  And homework.  And bedtimes.  And the often feared   S-C-H-E-D-U-L-E.  In short, many changes this way come, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It just feels like it.


What is it about change that creates such anxiety?

I read somewhere that our brains our wired to resist change–to follow familiar paths where we know there is no “danger”–something that goes back to our cave man days.  So when something new comes up, your brain fires up warnings, saying, “911!” Your glands respond by preparing you to fight, flee or freeze. Now you’re all charged up with adrenaline so you’re physically able to fight or flee if you need to. You are ready to deal with a life-threatening event.  Of course 999/100 times it’s not a life threatening event it’s just something “new”.  But your body doesn’t know that so your head still throbs and your hands still get clammy.  Or maybe you want to hide under the bed like my 9 year old wants to do about tomorrow.  I’m trying to tell him that it’s ok to feel nervous and we have to push ourselves over the humps and eventually all the “new” will feel familiar.  What I’m not telling him is that I feel the same way.  I can talk a big game about creating new neural pathways in our brain–blah, blah, blah but I feel anxious regardless.

As I type this my kids are fighting.  Maybe school tomorrow isn’t such a bad thing?!  Ok, now I think they are hitting each other.  Definitely a good thing about school starting.  Wow! My brain adapts fast to change!

This is what I really want to post.  If you have kids bringing home art, or something they wrote, or maybe something random that you have and want to display—Look!


Kiko Glass Frame by Nkuku.  $30. .  If you order more than one they become less expensive.



I saw this on the same website.  Frame tape by Artful Kids.  $27

I’m not super enthusiastic about the prices so I’ve been hunting.  Apparently there is a lot of tape being made just like this–and all expensive–coming from European websites.  But then I found this:


It’s on Amazon Prime for $10.32!  SOLD!  You can find it here.

I keep getting sucked back into the same original website–because next I saw this:



The Illusion Cork Board by Artful Kids $34 Love it.

That’s all I’ve got.  Kids still arguing.  Anxiety about all this change-GONE:)




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