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Downsizing Part 1…Or, Head in Hands.



I have essentially one month before the packers show up.  And my month of May is packed.

The first week of June I have house guests, my husband’s graduation from the U.S. Army War College, my son’s 9 year old birthday party, a trip to Disney World and the day after…the whirling dervishes, aka packers and movers, descend upon my house.

I live in a 4000 square foot house.

I am moving to a 1400 square foot house plus basement in DC.

And I have a lot of things.

I am haunted by the questions do I need this, is this useful, does this have value, when was the last time I used it, does it have more than one purpose…

I just looked at my 6 year old and asked him if he really needed both stuffed penguins and if they were part of his 5 year plan.  “How much are Waddles and Baby Waddles worth to you today and are you willing to expend valuable personal energy managing them?”

I am sick of staring at my stuff and trying to pare down.  I’m at the point where if Peter Walsh, from TLC’s Clean Sweep, the professional organizer extraordinare, was here–I’d punch him in the nose.  I. Am. Exasperated.

We are military.  What doesn’t work in one house might work in another!  Right??

On the other hand I’d like to be able to walk through my next house with ease without having to dodge piles of “stuff” and without having to suck in and turn sideways to make it through a room.  And I REFUSE to get a storage unit.  No sir.  No ma’am.

If you don’t hear from me it’s because I am weighing the pros and cons of how much spray paint does one really need, do these shoes make me look fat, and how to part with one too many chairs…

I don’t tweet but if I did I would add #First world problems, #I hate moving, #Downsizing is NOT my strength, and #Can’t follow my own advice– to the bottom of this post.

Feel free to send good mental health prayers.  Or Peter Walsh.




  1. Amber says

    I will be taking your advice, again. We will be in it together… again!
    P.s. Jeremy says he misses you.

  2. Lisa T says

    You could just put everything in storage as I have and it is easier to block from your thoughts! But then, you are so entertaining, I enjoy hearing about your challenges! You embrace adversity with such … ahhh, what’s the word, CLASS!

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