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Downsizing Part 2…Or, Please Pass the Advil…

Here’s the thing.  There are approximately 280 students at the Army War College.  When the school year ends–they all move away.  And then 280 new students replace them.  There are approximately 280 people moving from the Carlisle area all at the same time.  Let’s try this again…this is a small town, there are only so many movers, and just about the entire Army War College student population is moving all within weeks of each other—while, wait for it, 280 students plus families move TO Carlisle.  That’s about 500 students plus families crisscrossing through Carlisle with moving vans.


What this also means is everyone is securing new housing while trying to see an end to their current housing.

What this really means to me is I have a headache.

I cannot go anywhere lately where there is not some sort of discussion about household goods, logistical maneuvers involving u-hauls, moving dates, storage in transit, permanent change of station or PCS, packing, administrative or bureaucratic tasks, moving carriers, weight of household goods, garage sales due to excess weight, pack out dates, new house, old house, ugly house, huge house, small house, rental house, or loony house.

Even as I type this my head throbs.  I went out to breakfast last Friday where all we did was exchange mobil phones to show pictures of our “new” houses.  I went out to lunch 3 days later with a different group of people where all we did was say I just found a house, I just lost another house, I just bid on a house, I can’t find a house, I hate my house, I’m waiting on a house, do you have moving dates, I don’t have moving dates, I can’t believe my moving dates, no one will call me back about my moving dates.

In between breakfast Friday and lunch Monday all I did was silently obsess about purging and the fact that I have so much to do in one short month and wish that I could go somewhere where people would stop talking about moving.

My sister-in-law arrived today from Syracuse.  Perfect!  She has nothing to do with anything moving related so this makes her the perfect guest.  So what do I do?  I follow her around the house ranting about moving dates, logistics, 1400 square feet, rental houses, and moving surveys.

Tomorrow the nice man from the moving company comes to start setting up our move.  Stay tuned.



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  1. Nana says

    Love your writing…..his is an hysterically description of all the craziness military moving in tails. Love ya

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