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Downsizing Part 5. Because Why Not Have a Part 5?


Dear Diary,

Today I have to fit all the stuff that is meaningful to me within these tape lines.



What ever fits between the blue lines will fit into the 5×8 trailer we are renting.  This bad boy will be pulled by us because we will not see our big shipment once it leaves for 4-6 weeks–or never.  I really did just laugh out loud.  So anything we NEED during that time we must bring with us–like a coffee maker, an air mattress, a pillow, a spoon, a pan, food.  Anything we like more than a little and can’t be replaced like photo albums, the kid’s baby boxes, the ceramic flower that looks like a zucchini made by my 6 six year old, my grandma’s china, family heirlooms and the like…all must come with us.  And anything the movers won’t take like the propane tank, liquids, perishable food, paint, anything flammable etc…must come too.  All of it has to fit in the Uhaul.  Or in the back of my car.  Toys?  Things to keep the kids entertained?  Clothes?  Bedding?  Yup. It’s all got to fit within those blue lines.  My life is about lists right now and blue tape.

I’m dismantling my house.  Packing and purging.  Packing for a trip to Disney.  Planning for my 9 year old’s birthday party which takes place days before we leave–(my husband thinks 16 8-year old boys will be easy by the way.) My husband’s graduation. Six house guests. And then the packers who show up while we are gone so when we return it will just be 400 boxes.

I feel tense and I can’t put my finger on why.


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