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Drop Cloth Chic

Collage of Brandy Poor Man Linen with captions and border


Here is a perfect example of AFFORDABLE STYLE.  Painter’s Drop Cloth = Pictures Above and Below.

If you can sew–this is a great idea to copy.  If you can’t sew–I know someone who can!  Check out her Etsy Shop.

Here is what Brandy aka The Sewing Goddess aka owner of the ever famous Hipnswanky Etsy Boutique says about Drop Cloth Chic:   Fabric is your standard “painters drop cloth” that you can purchase from Home Depot or Lowes… 100 % cotton… nice weave with some character-adding flaws.
Color varies from time to time, so check it out in good light before purchasing!  Take it home and cut it into smaller sections along the seams and wash and dry the heck out of it…..
I call it “nubby linen” … others call it “poor man’s linen”… it is a beautiful creamy color … great for all color schemes.  It is a medium to heavy weight fabric so great for quick drapes, slipcovers, bedspreads, etc.  This fabric is terrific and will compliment your shabby chic decor!



Janet Cushions before and after

See the dated red cushion peeking behind?  A little drop cloth magic and now the cushions are, well, drop cloth chic.

Brandy linen provence pillows WB Same linen type fabric with an upgrade.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERALOVE what a painter’s tarp can do for an ottoman!

Brandy full view of Brandy linen bedspread wbThere aren’t words.  All I can say is IT WAS MADE WITH A DROP CLOTH.  Can you believe how gorgeous?  Home Depot/Lowes should open a boutique inside their stores featuring Hipnswanky.

brandy linen bedspread with turquoise pillow wb Brandy linen bed with ruffle pillow and bunny wbThis is the epitome of a simple design solution that is budget friendly and can enhance the furnishings you already own–and that is a happy thing.  If you don’t believe me–just look at how happy it made the bunny.

Have you made anything out of a drop cloth before?  Send me your pictures!

Happy 1st Day of Spring Everybody!


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