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Gather and Gold

Gather and Gold, Gather and Gold, Gather and Gold, Ev’ryone wishes for Gather and Gold.  It’s actually :

Silver and gold
Silver and gold
Silver and gold
Ev’ryone wishes
For silver and gold…Burl Ives from Rudolph.  But whatever, this works better for my post.  It’s about Gathering and Gold.  Didn’t see that coming did you?

You know what that is?  Other than AWESOME?  It’s a piece a fabric cut from a bolt at the good ole’ fabric store.  YOU can do that.  LOVE IT!

Ok, ready for this one?  It seriously hurts my heart.

It’s called “Go to Goodwill and buy a hideous painting and spray paint the frame gold and paint the board inside the painting with chalk board paint.”  Or go to TJMaxx and buy a framed chalkboard and spray paint the frame gold… OR if you are crafty and you know it then take a half price coupon to Michaels Craft Store, buy an open frame (they have a whole aisle of them), buy a cheap piece of thin board from Home Depot, have someone cut it, paint the board with chalk board paint, paint the frame if necessary, and staple gun the board to the frame.  I gave you 3 options.  You can do this.

You can do this.

It’s not Gold but it is BEAUTIFUL.  I actually saw a comment under this picture on Pinterest that said “Imagine how gorgeous these would look spray painted gold”.  It would be inexpensive–cost of a can of paint and some vegetables.

Speaking of spray paint.

You can take ANYTHING and spray paint it gold and call it AWESOME for a Holiday Gathering table centerpiece.  Get a can of antique gold in satin and I’ve been told Gold Metallic Rustoleum works Foolproof.



See?  You can spray paint anything gold.

These weren’t spray painted.  I just like them.

This is breathtaking.  If this is your next gathering please, please, please invite me.

Happy Day to you all.


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