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Dusty cobblestone, heather dusk, almond toast, golden bear, lion mane, pismo dunes, honey moth…

What do all these words have in common?

Incomprehensible paint colors names.  I have no idea what color pismo dunes represents.  None.

But how about Greige?  Beige and grey. That I can figure out, almost. And apparently, it’s been trending. While the term “greige” is a perfect blend of grey and beige, the word also gets its meaning from the old French and Italian words meaning “raw silk,” (Wiktionary) which sounds very chic to me.



Hypen Interiors via Pinterest

I found this glowing review about Thunder (AF-685) by Benjamin Moorethe color above on Pinterest via Hypen Interiors-I chose this for a client at a recent colour consultation expecting it to be a greige. Once the painter was finished I realized that this is probably the perfect, elusive gray that we are all looking for. There are no obvious undertones that take over as there normally are with gray. It’s deceiving on the chip though because it looks more greige than gray.  

If you try it you’ll have to let me know if this color lives up to its review.  Which brings up a good point–a color will look one way on the swatch in the store, different when it goes on your wall, and different, still, as soon as the light changes in the room.  I wrote a post about it called How to Not Screw Up Paint Colors that you can read here. The bottom-line is ALWAYS test the color on the walls before you commit.




I don’t know if I really think that picture above is a greige but it’s fabulous.



Happy Monday Gentle Reader,


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