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Halloween Night

Halloween effect our house

My House.


I think we are ready for Halloween.  I’m not sure about candy quantity though.  I heard we get so many trick or treaters that the sidewalks are packed and EVERYONE is out.  I also heard that people drive to our neighborhood to trick or treat.  How much candy does this mean I need??  And Holy Cow when did bags of candy get so expensive?  I remember not so long ago when it was $4.50 for the really big bags…now I’m seeing $10+…eek.  Speaking of candy, I’m showing the most amazing amount of restraint.  I. have. had. no. candy…yet.  I’m in the midst of this most boringest BORING no gluten, no dairy, no sugar of any kind BORING doctor ordered elimination diet.  I’m on like Week 5 of Week 5,346.  At least I have my coffee back.  I’ll be trick or treating with a mug.

Did you know that half of all kids prefer chocolate candy for Halloween?

Did you know that I love dark chocolate and I. will. not. be. eating. any. of. it?

Did you know that Trick-or-Treating evolved from the ancient Celtic tradition of putting out treats and food to placate spirits who roamed the streets at Samhain.  Samhain means “summer’s end” and marks the beginning of winter. Samhain is also thought to celebrate the beginning of the Celtic year. The Celts believed that Samhain was a time when the dead could walk among the living.

Did you know that almost 2/3 of those surveyed will hand out candy?  And 1 out of 10 will dress up their pet?

Did you know that every Starburst candy is like the equivalent of one sugar cube?

Did you know that 1 teaspoon of sugar is about the equivalent to 4 grams of sugar?  And that M&M’s, Skittles, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Milky Way, 3 Musketeer’s, and Snickers all have about 9 to 10 teaspoons of sugar?  You see what I am trying to do?  If I can’t have any then darn it no one should be able to enjoy theirs.  I’m mature like that.


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  1. Kathy says

    The house looks Very Spooky and do you really think that one piece of dark chocolate would hurt? On the other hand, could you stop at one? Well, you are woman, you are strong, you could do it!!! ENJOY 🙂

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