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Things have been busy over here. In no particular order…

My dog threw his back out (for real). I was carrying him up and down the stairs on an orange plastic cafeteria tray. I broke my index finger into a hundred pieces so I can only type with one hand. We drove to Florida for Thanksgiving which was ridiculously long but the trip was worth it–lots of family we haven’t seen in too long. My house was in full mode operation Christmas which translated into chaos. My dishwasher flooded my kitchen and basement–multiple times–while people were sleeping below it. We drove to Syracuse for New Years where I ate soap and experienced pickle back shots. We came home exhausted and with two sick little boys. And as I type this the dishwasher is flooding the kitchen, again.

Amid the chaos was the good and the bad. Some self-perceived, some not.

The Holidays are like the ultimate testing ground–any chinks in the armor are magnified 100 fold. And endings seem to be hauntingly present, by endings I mean “loss”– loss of a relationship or of life. We hold our loved ones tighter, if we are lucky.

My wish for you gentle reader is that you know peace inside of craziness, that you know love despite the teeny tiny .5% of the world that only knows hate which sometimes makes it feel like it is 99% of the world,


that you know contentment right where you are.

May your kitchen floor be dry.

Happy New Year gentle reader~


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