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We are a military family. Last June I moved to DC.  The previous June I moved to Pennsylvania. This June I’m not moving. It feels weird. I hate moving but it proves as a great distraction. I can purge. I can hope. I can say good riddance. I can use it as an excuse. I can put things off until I get “there”.

So I’m here. I’ve got my kids acclimated. I’ve unpacked. I only get lost 50% of the time. Our moving claim was processed…umm yesterday, for real. Now what?

It’s been almost 11 months. Maybe “now what?” could have happened earlier. But there were the holidays. And the snow. And all the flu epidemics. And the fleas. There were house guests. And mini trips. And stuff.

All the things I said I could put off until I got here and it’s here, and it’s been here. Here is so right now. Here is so much more fun when it is tomorrow. Tomorrow is full of promise and here is full of all the chores. And let me just get the groceries and the piles and laundry and the kids and the errands and then I will be right there. In the here. Which turns into tomorrow.

And then there is the “then”. Back then I was exercising, working, traveling, had more money, had more time, had less time, had more excuses, had less excuses, had no kids, had little kids.

I’m sure nonmilitary families feel this way too but there always seems to be something coming just around the bend…a move, a deployment, a job change resulting in more hours, or more travel. Always something about to happen to the “here”.

Here I am.

Here will be then before I know it. So will tomorrow. Time is so sneaky.  The days are long but the years go by fast.

Can I hear an “Amen”?




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  1. john lievense says

    Wait until you get even older and years go faster and you reflect and say “I took the days for granted when I was young and so many family members were still living and I could stop by and see them, etc.”

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