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Hey Pottery Barn Check Me Out!


I am laughing.

For umpteen moves we have moved with a pair of snow shoes.


My husband purchased these bad boys whilst in Iceland during a deployment in the 80’s.  They’ve been with us ever since.  Maybe you read my post about our household goods weighing as much as a UK bus—if you don’t know how much that is—it’s 20,000 pounds.  Now you know why.  We move with snow shoes.  And we live in places where snow is notsomuch.  I’m not going to lie–if it had been up to me I would have donated these years ago.  Which brings me to today.  Laughing.

Look.  It’s a Pottery Barn catalog.

Pottery Barn November 2013

Pottery Barn November 2013

 Who knew?

Pottery Barn November 2013

Pottery Barn November 2013

 Snow Shoes are Everywhere!

Pottery Barn November 2013

Pottery Barn November 2013


I decided to get in on it.

foyer with snow shoe


dresser with snow shoe


armoir with snow shoes

family room snow shoe


framed pictures green wall snow shoes


mb fireplace snow shoes

snow shoes and wooden shoes

mud room with snow shoes

rock wall with snow shoes

living room mantle with snow shoes

kitchen table with snow shoe

guest bath show shoe

front door and snow shoes


Yeah, I’m trending.


  1. Kathy says

    You are sooooo funny!! I am laughing so hard right now with dogs barking, men coming to scoop out putting a new roof on the house. You have saved me……:-)

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