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I Am A White House Christmas Decorator

Jennifer Farlin


I am a very important person.  At least that is what I tell my husband and my sister in- law, repeatedly.  The fact that I need to constantly remind them of this has not gone unnoticed.  You see, I decorated the White House for Christmas this year and this now makes me an expert on many things.  When asked how long I would milk this for I thoughtfully replied “until the end of December”.  I texted my sister in-law from an extremely long, long line in Chipotle asking her “didn’t they know who I was?”  She texted back I should wear my White House 2014 Christmas work apron wherever I go.  I was wearing my laminated White House 2014 Christmas ID badge and lanyard but maybe she had a point, maybe the lanyard wasn’t enough. However, due to 67 different bouts of the flu I didn’t get out much in December so I started wearing my lanyard and apron in the house–just in case my family forgot my powerfulness.  Since it is now January, I am bereft.  I still have the flu but I feel wearing my apron and lanyard might be a bit much now.

A few days ago, I did receive a signed note by the First Lady personally thanking me for decorating the White House for the Holidays and I did hear my husband say from the other room, “there will be no living with her now”.

I’m thinking about putting the note from Mrs. Obama next to the other note I have from her husband, The President.  That note is just something he scrawled quickly to my kids while we were having coffee, but that’s a story for another day.


Cocktail Reception hosted by First Lady.

Me in the East Room.

Me and the East Room.

You know even though December has passed—my decorations are still up–maybe I can still milk it a bit longer?

Jen aka Very Important


  1. Victoira says

    You are too much. I am trying to milk it also. I am still hoping people will ask to hear about my adventure. I just talked to my cousin from PA today so I was excited to tell her.
    Get better. Love Vic

    • I could maybe ask you to tell me and then I could tell you? Nevermind we were in the same room having the same adventure:)

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