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I Heart Printstagram


I like squares.  If you take a picture on your phone and have access to apps—Instagram is a great one.  You can tweak your pictures in one click into little works of perfectly square shaped photo”art”.

Printstagram is a social print studio, meaning…all those pictures on Instagram that are just floating out there in digital world?  Well Printstagram will link to Instagram and you can PRINT any pictures you want.  I’m not getting paid to love them.  I just do.  Click here to go directly to their site (or click or  They can probably explain it better, after all, it’s their site.  (Want to do the same thing with Facebook photos?   Blueprints.  Same company, just different division.)

They can print little squares, big squares, medium squares, even RECTANGLES with square pictures inside.  It’s very cool.  I’ve used them twice.  Once for a bajillion Christmas gifts.  I ordered little books with teeny square pictures inside and everyone loved them.  This time around I just received photo booth style prints.  They are simply…super cute.






You can always frame them…




Or you can get a little more creative.  They are happy little squares you can tuck here and there.




I had some old bookmarks that had these plastic covers on them.  I took the paper part out of the plastic sleeve and look what fits in perfectly!  Bookmark Love!

Bookmark Love.

Bookmark Love.

I Heart Printstagram!

Hearts to You.

Happiness in a square.

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