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If You Give A Mom a Snow Day…



If you give a mom a snow day she’s going to want to take a nap. While she’s trying to take a nap chances are the kids will want their snow pants.

If you give them their snow pants they will want help. Once you wrestle the snow pants, snow boots, coats, hats and mittens on they will go outside. When they get outside they will want to come back inside.

They will probably pound on the door to let them in while yelling “MOOOOMMMMM” because they can’t supposedly open it with their mittens on.

Once they get back inside they will ask for food.

If you make them some food you will have to clean it up.

While you are cleaning it up they will probably ask if they can pull out their messiest most complicated craft project. If you say yes they will most definitely need help.

While you are reading the directions they will get bored and ask you for more food.

Once they have the food they will want to go back outside but they will need dry mittens.

While you are trying to find any f****** mitten they will get impatient and go outside without them.

Chances are they will come back crying because their hands are really, really cold.

While you are trying to warm up their hands and find any dry f***** mismatched mitten and put away the messiest most complicated craft project and clean up the kitchen they will ask for lunch.

And chances are

the mom

will need

a nap.


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