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Inspired Living, Or Pictures of Not Normal Living.

Me toasting a Normal Day.

Me toasting a Normal Day.

It’s August 21st.  Today marks my very first normal day since 1979.  Meaning, my house is not on the market, I’m not packing to move, I’m not unpacking from a move, I’m not being chased by a pack of very aggressive geese (really did happen last week), I’m not leaving for a trip, planning a major event, or staying at someone else’s house because I am homeless, I don’t have house guests (8 just left including a baby and a 4 year old not including a small dog and a really big dog), I’m not on percocet (Yes, my husband had to call 911 2 weeks ago because I was paralyzed on the dining room floor due to a very unwelcome back and nerve issue.) and my house is clean and semi-to do list free (I actually just refuse to make a new to do list so therefore that counts as not having one.)  So today is normal.  It’s 5:53 pm as I write this so I hope I don’t curse it.  Watch, any minute a small car of 27 clowns is going to pull up, or the dishwasher will explode, or a reporter will show up wanting to interview me about bees while I am holding large stuffed animals (Oh, wait, that was yesterday.)

To celebrate this normal day I thought I would write a blog post.

Let’s look at not normal houses because really, who lives like this?

It’s 9:15 pm same day.  So far no clowns…


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