Happiness at Home
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It’s Fall. Now What?


By Kawsar Ali. Designtech.info. Check out his fall page. Gorgeous.

I can’t believe it is Fall (almost).  Autumn.  Harvest.  I know “out with the old, in with the new” is what we say when one year ends and a new one begins…but what about with seasons?  Can we still say that?  I mean summer is all green and fresh and hot and mossy and in your face–and then fall comes and it all sort of withers and waits.  For Spring and new renewals, right?  So out with old and prepare for new.  That would mean that Fall and Winter are Prep Time.  So now what?  What are we prepping?  (I’m going to end every sentence in this paragraph with a question mark, except for this one.)  How about what we want to change.  Ok, no question, this is a proclamation, a statement, a call to action.

So with that said–now what?  My little corner of the internet hones in on happiness at home.  That’s where I’ll start.  That’s where I’ll continue.  Keep reading.  We’ve got prepping to do!

Happy brand new season everyone.


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