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It’s Thursday. Thank someone already….and here’s some shopping ideas.


Oh for crying out loud.  I missed Thankful Thursday last week.  Now it’s here again.  I’m not prepared.  The days are going so fast and there’s so much to do.  I want to stop and enjoy the moments.

Gentle Reader, let’s stop for a moment and smell the poinsettias.  I love calling you Gentle Reader.

I’ve got the Today Show on, which I love.  There’s a fire in the fireplace, which is good since it’s 21 degrees outside.  I’ve got coffee, which is AWESOME.  I’ve accomplished some of my morning chores and I’m somewhat organized as to what I need to do today, another plus.  Oh! And my house is clean–a gift from my Pop, thank you Pop.  This is huge. HUGE.  (We’ll omit the part about the dried cat puke, the fact that I forgot about Thursdays mean NO PARKING on my side of the street—curse you parking ticket woman in the orange body parka and matching hat with ear flaps who saw me running to my car and gave me a ticket ANYWAY, or the fact that my to do list looks as long as Santa’s and as complicated as my kid’s math homework.)

Is it wrong that my most anticipated favorite moments of the day are the first hour my kids are at school?  PEACE.  And the last hour before I fall asleep and the kids are in bed?

I feel obliged to actually mention what I wanted to write about today—Thankful Thursday #I have no idea out of #I have no idea.  (If you are just tuning in it’s an 8 week series and I’m clueless as to where I left off.)

I just want you to know that you can buy five ducks for $55 (that’s $11 a duck!), a mosquito net for $11, 3 chickens for $29 (I can’t do the math), a blanket for $17, one live pig and pig food for $95,  a flipping farm for $325, a stove for $215, and food for an entire week for 25 orphans for $150.


Bolivia, Honduras, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, Ethiopia.  Change some lives.  These gifts can be given in someone’s names and a card will be sent to that person letting them know the blessing that was given on behalf of them.

Try www.ChildFund.org/Gifts or call 1-800-610-9013.  There’s many more just like this organization out there.  This is one that I’ve used and it works.

Gentle Reader…see you soon.  Blessings.  Thankful Thursday Everyone!






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