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Kicking the Decorating Rut…Pitfalls.

Ugly, Unwanted, Overwhelmed and Guilt lurk around every corner...

Ugly, Unwanted, Overwhelmed and Guilt lurk around every corner…


You have voiced concerns, complaints, and exasperated cries for help:

“What about when I try to kick out the lurking shadows of Ugly and Unwanted and Guilt stands with his arms crossed at my door?”  (If you are concerned over what this is about you might want to read the prior two posts:  Decorating Rut Part 1, Decorating Rut Part 2.)

“What happens when I get rid of Ugly and Unwanted and realize there is NOTHING left in my house?”

“What do I do when I try to do what you tell me but Overwhelmed kicks the snot out of Guilt and follows me around like a lousy rat?”

“What happens if I get rid of it and then I need it?”

1. Guilt. Put it in perspective. It is STUFF. Yes, I know that it represents in our mind’s eye friends and family and life events. Yes, I know that these things were given to you out of kindness. But it is the act, the person, the memory, the thought, the event that made it important and nothing can change that. If the thing is not causing you any joy when you see it–getting rid of it will not alter the memory–it just means you are making room for new ones.

2. My House Will Be Empty. Really? First of all it might be good to live with less? Second, I think you are being dramatic. Come on.

3. Overwhelmed. Set the timer. 20 minutes a day. That’s it. No interruptions. Just 20 minutes. Keep going. I know you and I know you are strong.

4. What If…? Dude if you are keeping everything because of What If let me know how that works out. When I keep everything for these reasons when the What If happens I can’t find it or forgot I had it. Move on baby cakes.


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